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Sunday, 17 February 2013

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Do you know that, every woman is a great. She is a strong and she was able to do anything even though men's work. Woman are beautiful creatures of God. Not only physically seen. It would be nice if beautiful heart. She has a tenderness. The beauty of woman is relative, it's varies for each person who look her. Sometime people see woman in terms of physical and sometime they see woman in terms of the heart or both of them.

Woman are able to think with heart and mind (logic). The woman was able to control her emotions. Woman have a wide heart, maybe that's why God entrusted the baby to the womb of a woman and not to man.

Sometimes, she was weak. She will be weak beside the person that she loved. She will be weak beside the person that she admires. Not because of her spoiled, but because she feels more comfortable and fell protected by them. 

I think, woman is beautiful not because she is sexy, her skin is white, she is tall, she is slim/slender, and other forms of physical beauty. Not because she is fashionable, not because she is able to attract and stimulate the men. Woman is beautiful because of her good moral, modesty, hospitality and friendly, because she was obedient to her husband and her parents. Woman is beautiful because of her heart.

She is not pretty, but she has a beautiful heart, she will look more beautiful than a beautiful woman having a dirty heart. Woman should be able to maintain her honor. They should be able to keep herself for her husband. A good woman is a woman who does not open her private parts of her body to be sew by the other. She just shows it to her husband. So, she will be safe and she will be far away from danger.

Anything else, woman can be toxic in the world. Because of her attitude, weak woman can cheat for her personal pleasure.

Oh God, it’s not me and not you too.

However, actually, behind the success and greatness of a man, there is a great and brilliance woman beside them, as a loyal spouse and as a loving mother.

Which lady / woman are you ... a beautiful woman with dirty heart or a woman with unusual beauty with beautiful heart. Or beautiful woman with beautiful heart or not of them or woman who obedient to her husband and the woman has good heart towards other.

“The World is jewelry and the best jewelry is the good woman”.

I think, sexy woman is not open her private parts of her body to the other ,but sexy woman is having smart, brilliance, beautiful heart, kind heart and good personality.

and how about you???

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