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Saturday, 16 March 2013

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In our lives there is a sense of love and hate. Love and hate are two opposites thing. Love and hate feeling likes and dislikes, feeling wants and not wants. Love will come when what expected to happen and they are ready to risk anything happening. While hatred came at what was expected did not happen and we will try to reply and wreak this hatred.

Love and hate are not always hand in hand, sometimes begins with a sense of love and end up with hatred, or sometimes begins with a sense of hate and will end up with love. Between love and hate, surely we are all hoping to love. But some people say that because hatred is love appears.

Love and hate not only against their fellow human beings, but it can be attended in various ways, for example to other living things, position in office or any other matter. For love we are willing to do anything to get it because our love can survive. Hate makes people capable of doing a thing that is not fair to excite a sense of hatred.

For whom love and hate we give so that there are no mistakes in implementation? Love and hate can we apply for all things for God. We can love something and hate it because God does not like it. If we love someone because of God, it is better and show our faith in God. Maybe me, you or anyone else ever loved someone, but try to think again, try to get positive thinking from it. We think that if it believed absolutely in love for God or just a desire that one day will be lost. How wonderful if they love something for God. Me, you and the others must have sinned and wrong in expressing love for something, without our knowing it, it's just passion and emotion to get the thrill of the moment.

Love can be worship, which is the foundation of our faith in God. Love that shirk is loving than God or exceed his love for God. Love that vice is love that violate prohibitions God and left all the commandments of God. Love that is a character or attitude of the love that everyone cannot be separated from it, such as love for food, drinks, marriage, clothing, family, wife, husband, children and so on.

Yes that is the love and hatred. But we have to know and understand what love and hate it. Now, we can start with love even end up with hatred. But we always hope no hatred in our hearts. Unless we hate it because God hates it. We begin with love to God and forget love is passion and emotional to get the thrill of the moment.

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