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Monday, 4 March 2013

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This is my true story from my experience, me, my sister and my parents at the hospital in Jakarta.

It has been almost four months, Rissa visited the clinic of UI for some medical examination. However, the doctors did not know about her disease. Still remember the time, in November 2007, Rissa asked me to accompany her to the hospital. But, I could not do it because I must finish my work that approaching deadlines in the office. And, finally, Rissa went with Wiwik our friend in Depok. Before Lebaran 2007, Rissa also had done medical examination in hospital at Bukittinggi, but the doctor did not find any peculiarity disease in her body. Even the doctor claimed that she was suffering the cartilage inflammation.

Family Photo
In Lebaran 2007, she had a last request for family photo, she asked to do so as soon as possible because she felt that she could not do it next year. Before these, she had also been asked me to watch JGTC (Jazz Goes To Campuss) in the UI, because she felt that only this time she could watch JGTC in her life. But, I didn't do it, and until now, I felt sorry for her.

On the recommendation and advice of the UI clinic, Rissa was referred to the surgeon in Salemba Hospital. She went alone by a train from UI Depok to Salemba. Medical Examination was carried out several times and began from October 2007. However, they did not find her disease, even she had a swelling in below her neck, and it caused difficult to breathe while sleeping on her backs. So, Rissa could only sleep by sitting against a wall with a pillow.

CT Scan 
In December 2007, Rissa did the procedure of CT scan to see in detail that swelling. CT Scan Tool is the X-ray generator, when its operation, X-ray pass through the body's tissue and it is arrested by the detector. Because of differences mass organ, so it has different result appropriate with different density. This is to be reconstructed by a computer system and produce an image that I want it.

I was shocked and sad because she might do complicated procedures to find the diseases that felt in her body. When we came into the CT Scan's room, our clothes must be sterile and should be covered with a special coat. At that time, I saw first, what CT Scan was and how the CT scan was running because I had only seen on television. At that moment I prayed that no matter would  happened to Rissa.

A few days later, we went to the laboratory at the hospital and we got the results of CT Scan. We tried to open the results with feelings of anxiety and worry. We were trying to understand the results and found at a section that claimed, she suffered a Tumor Malignant Thymus or Tumor Malignant Lymph. But this result did not shows which tumor that affects her.

Oh my God, I trembled and sat up, my tears came down. At that time, I said it was impossible, the result was wrong, maybe it was not hers, all reasons out of my mind denied that claim because it was not true. But Rissa remained calm and patient. She asked me to meet the doctor and to make sure that results. Unfortunately, there was no doctor because his practice was closed and would be open on Monday. We were confused and sad because we hope she got quick handling and quick treatment to her. We tried to calm down, and be positive to that all. We found a seat. Rissa slept and put her head on my feet. I felt her tear comes out to my trousers. And, I could not hold back my tears too. Just thought that I must keep her and found the place that she got hospitalized.

We walked around the hospital and requested hospitalized for Rissa. But we were rejected because there was no recommendation from a doctor. We were desperate, and finally back to the lodging house in Depok. We still decided, did not tell to our parents in Bukittinggi.

In the evening, I tried to cheer rissa and play the traditional game “congklak”. She just said, "Uni (sister), I want go home, I do not want sick here, please.” She was crying. I tried to cheer her up by making funny jokes, she was still crying. And, I could not hold back my tears and immediately I cried in the toilet because I didn't want to make her sad.

At that time, I pray for Allah SWT, why were not me that get a tumor, why should Rissa. I felt that was my fault for not paying attention to her. I was only busy with my work and rarely take the time to her, except Saturday and Sunday. I worked far outside the city and boarding there. So during worked on Monday until Friday, we lived separately. Sometimes, because of busy work, we met only once in two weeks.

Rissa at the hospital
In the morning, I woke up and saw Rissa sleep while sitting. I could not hold my tears, anxiety and fear. Finally, I decided to call our parents. I asked them to come here. And, our parents came directly from Bukittinggi in the afternoon. But Rizki, my youngest brother not, he left in Bukittinggi to preparing his test in senior high school.

In the night, I saw my father cried in the bedroom, although he covered it. And, my mother tried to cheer rissa. Oh God, this test too difficult for us, we did not want to see our parents were sad because we had never brought happiness to them. 

The end of December was a great day off to work, so doctors at the hospital got leave. We could not be silent with this situation. We found the traditional treatment in Sukabumi Bogor. The ride was very far and we were not familiar with that area. Althouh her condition was not good, we must keep and gave spirit to her.

Finally, on 26th December, 2007, Rissa treated in a hospital in Salemba, Jakarta. Previously, we had been rejected at a private hospital because Rissa need fast treatment, while doctors at that hospital got leave at the end of the year. While in the hospital, Rissa was strong and our parents were too patient. Although I worked at Purwakarta, that far from Jakarta, but I must commute Jakarta to Purwakarta. 

I still remember that night, on 31th December, 2007 at 12.00 a.m., she gave birthday greetings to me via text. She still remembers my birthday on 1st January. That is last birthday greetings from my sister.

As long as we were on hospital, many things are needed for her, also I was not going to let my parents do it themselves. Medical treatment, rontgen, and many other things to do. So, I decided not to work for someday, although the risk that I would be removed from the company.

While in hospital, Rissa did some serious testing procedures such as X-rays, MRI, biopsy to take a sample of the tumor. MRI did to see in detail and sensitive to the soft tissues in the body.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a diagnostic tool to check and detect the body by using a large magnetic field and radio frequency waves, without surgery, it uses of X-rays or radioactive materials. During the MRI examination will allow the molecules in the body to move and join to form the signals. This signal will be captured by the antenna and transmitted to a computer to be processed and displayed on the screen into a clear picture of structures inside the body cavity.

And furthermore doctors recommend surgery because the tumors had reached stage 3. Then, on 15th January, 2008, the operation was performed. The operation lasted long enough. We felt anxiety and fear, we always pray that the surgical operation went smoothly and she got heal, so she could be playing, joking and arguing with me like usually, and we were able to realize our dream.

After the operation running, Rissa is brought into the ICCU's room, in her body was mounted medical tools that I did not know what for. I saw  conditions that she felt uncomfortable and felt sick with that tools and I wanted to remove the tool from her body.

We went into the ICCU's room, I could not hold back my tears. Her friends, her lecturers and her parents' friend always assist and support her. While in the room, the first I saw was the tumor had not in her body. I'm quite relieved, although we did not know the results.

The doctor who operates Rissa called us, they told us about the result of surgical operation. My parents and I were worried. I saw that sadness and disappointment on their faces, when the doctor said that the surgical operation was failed. They could not remove the tumor because it was strong and grew up to the liver and lungs, if it continued to do, the result would be fatal for her.

I was shocked and my tears came out. Doctors just put up artificial vessel from groin to the neck, so that blood could flow smoothly into the brain and throughout the body because tumor had been blocked bloodstream to the brain. And, doctors gave advised to do a series of radiation and chemotherapy treatment, although that treatment was very small, less than 40% would be success. We just let go and pray. And, we decided to keep this information from her because the most important requires for Rissa was her passion and her confidence.

after surgical operation
A few days later, Rissa went from ICCU's room into the regular room. I saw that her condition would be better, she was also happy because there was no swelling in her body. Because of the artificial vessels, she felt the pain. It takes a long time to adjust the artificial vessels in her body.

Rissa was critical and intelligent girl, she was brave and impatient. When the doctor came to check her condition, she asked detail to the doctor about her surgical operations. Doctors only suggest to always keep spirit and prayer. And, she must perform and do a series of other treatments.

A few days after surgery, Rissa knew that surgical operation was not successful and now she had a strange object in her body. But she always be patient and always kept spirit to heal, to reach her dreams and our dreams. Someday in the hospital, I rebelled because doctor wanted to make a hole in her body to remove residual liquid after surgical operation from her body.

Before Rissa got surgical operation, when she was in the first room, we saw patients whose bodies are also filled holes and could not be heal. And, I didn't want that happening to Rissa.

The next day, many of my friends and her lecturers came to the hospital to give support and encouragement. Mrs. Lely and Rissa's Lecturer on  Computer Science of UI was also my Lecturer in Mathematics of UI. She was also often giving spirit. Many people gave spirit to her. For this all, we were really a lot of indebtedness to them.

A few days later, Rissa had been allowed to go home and we went back to the lodging house in Depok while waiting for the healing her condition and preparation for further treatment.

(To be continued…)

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