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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

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I got this from islamic motivation

For You are Still Loneliness

Don’t feel alone
Because Allah always be with you
Allah is preparing the right partner for you
Allah is watching your preparations in the waiting for

If you are getting better
so  surely Allah would send someone who is good for you
and vice versa

Because honestly you have paint ur partner in your self
If your painting is good and beautiful in your self
So it will be good in result that you will get later

May be at this moment there are many peoples are same like you
In loneliness and fill their lonliness by making good in their self
And beseem your self

And it will be one of them that Allah prepare for you
Don’t be finished, although loneliness make you feel tired
Don’t be fill it with your friend that he/she is not halal for you
Although you feel uneasy and bored without a friend to share

The stronger you fight loneliness
The better you deserve your self
The closer also Allah leads your heart to your partner
Please be patient in your effort, because Allah’s promise is a certainty

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