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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Info Post
I got this poetry from facebook group of islamic motivation..
N I translated into english language...please enjoy it

This is The Way I Love You

Not contact you
Not text you to ask how are you
May be this is unusual
But for me, this is the best way I love you

I love you by far from you
Not because I hate you
But because of I love you too much
And I want keep my self and keep your self
Keeping your sincerity heart
And keeping holy of my heart

This is the way I love you
In my silence
In my sincerity
In my chastity
In my unusual way

Although it is difficult
Although it is hard
Although it is hurt for me
But it is the best choice for us
So that we don’t get hopes each other

Because just for Allah we have wishes
Just for Allah my hope He will save you for me
Just for Allah I keep your heart
Let me call you by my prayer
So that all goodness is for you
So that all beauty is for you

Ooo. ..Allah
If he is good for me
For the sake of my dunya and my akhirah
So unite us in term of love
And ending by holy wedding
But if he is not my partner
So make separate in good friendship and good relationship

Amiin Ya Rabbal ‘Alamiin

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