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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

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Love someone
Behind the silence of women
Held in the heart the deep longing
Behind the cool of women
Held in the heart the real affection
Behind jealous of women
Held in the heart the true love
Behind angry woman
Held in the heart the compassion unimaginable

Just one minute to guess someone
Just one hour to like someone
And just one day to love someone
Need a lifetime to forget someone

If we can't able to reach loved from a love
So reach it for your prayer
It is not difficult for Allah to turn the heart of someone
If Allah will it, so ask for Allah
To bring you to someone who love Allah
And he will loves you because of Allah

Love teach us holy and beauty
Don’t touch her phisically
Because she is not halal for you
Touch her by your true holy heart
Because a good man always keep honor of a woman

A good woman shy to express her feeling
She just express what held in her heart
It is not for everybody
Love the quietly in her prayer
To make sure her feeling to someone

And the last is give it all to Allah for the best of us...


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