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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

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Human has a social life and want interact, need and share with others and the environment. They have not been able life alone without the other with them. Based on research that the large social life of someone give impact that they will have spirit of their life. In friendship, we need, share, give attention and trust each other.
The last time, we knew about pen pal, made friendship with others that we didn’t know and to contact them by sending letters via post. We knew them from magazines or newspapers that they displayed their identity and their address for sending letter each other. Then if they felt fit, they continued making friendship.

Nowadays, the highest technology and internet, it makes easy to using the internet, not only use PC but also mobile phone. More social media’s application is offered by mobile phones, Its look like the world in our hand. Social media with internet make easy for us to communicate and make friendship with others from around the world.

More social media that we often use such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Path, Hi5, Wechat, Scout, Kakao talk, Linkedn and many more. For more experience while using it, the first things that we must do is enrol our identity and show our profile, hope others know us and add us for their friend. But some of people do wrong use their profile. Unfortunately there are some people who abuse it. They use faked identity. Its depend on their purpose for using social media.

We will feel not comfortable if we know that our new friend use fake identity. Even they use photos of other people without knowing by owner. The more reason they did like this, it can be good reasons like they just wanna know the condition in social media and do for research or maybe bad reasons that we called cyber crime. So we are as using of social media must be careful in making friendship. It will more dangerous if we meet cyber crime and we don’t know the identity of criminals. Although it will be known that person, but we should be careful for that.

We see that more girls always show their attractive profile and their attractive picture. They think with that profile and picture, they will be easy to meet someone that opposite gender. Yeaaahh..that’s true…that the first things that males and females are interested with someone on social media when they see pictures then profile. If they are interested, they will add as friend. The user doesn’t realize that their pictures are taken by another user for bad purpose. Such as to make faked account for get advantages and do pleasure with others, to get money with criminals, to destroy the reputation other people, they will edit and sell to others, they will be target for murder, rape, kidnapping and other crime. Even some of them use fake account to get pleasure with male or female, we called this cyber sex.

For that all, think again…back to the purpose of making social media. Make good relation, good communication and good friendship with people we know. We are as an intelligent and have good attitude must be able to ethical by using social media. It’s so beautiful if we use right identity and polite / proper our picture of their. Than we must use privacy security in social media.

We have to be selective in displaying our identity and our picture there, only people that we know can see it and don’t show in public. And sometime, we didnt know that we make friendship with education centre or job centre such as university and company. When we apply for study or apply for a job, they may look our profile in social media. And sometimes they use to decide we will approve being a student/employee or not.

So from now…please be careful display our identity and our picture there. Think that if other use our identity or our picture for crime or bad things, of course people that we know make a distance and we will lose our best opportunity because others will think that we are bad person.

Some of suggessting that we can do :
  1. Use privacy settings for our account.
  2. Be selective when display identity and pictures, we have to choose the right one to display.
  3. Display polite and proper status in our wall, don’t do over and give chance for crime.
  4. Don’t display status that sensitive for othesr or community
  5. Be selective adding friends
  6. Be careful display address, email and mobile number.
  7. Etc.

Our performance and personality will be shown when we display our status and our picture. This show that honesty, trust, responsibility, intelligent and confident as a good person.

Remember that “The Crime exist because there is a chance.”

Use privacy security setting in social media, so others will not be easy do bad for us.

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