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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

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Hmmmm….now I want to share about math…But this is not about materials at school like calculus, algebra, numerical analysis, Riel analysis or other. But now we try to associate a geometric topic in our life.

Of course you have heard about transformation. In general, the other word for transformation is revolution or changing. In mathematics, transformation is a mapping of object at an area to set of object in the same area. A mapping of object mean shifting, changing, or rotation of object at an area.

There are four transformation type :
  • Translation or shifting. In here, displacement or shifting  an object along a straight line with the direction and distance to change in a position.
  • Reflection or mirror, change were made to reflect an object to a line or plane and usually changes the position and shape.
  • Rotation, object movement by rotating the object and reverse to a particular rotation centre. The distance between object and the centre is always fixed.
  • Dilatation or multiplication, the changes of object obtained by enlarging or reducing object with a multiplier or a factor.

As we know that we are as a creator of Allah SWT always changing and eager for change. Changes in humans because it is human nature or because of environment forced him to change. They will never want to stay in the same condition, always willing to change either of physical, environment, mental or circumstances. The expectation of change must be a change towards goodness. Although it is out of control if the change result in ugliness. However its depend on the intention, environment and other factors that influence it.

Translation or shifting, if we associate with our life, this mean that the shifting of the circumstance of our life. Such as shifting mental from kid toward maturity. As time is always running, increasing in age and thinking toward to maturity. The increasing our intelligence then affect our environment. We have intention to change from underprivileged to have an adequate amount of education, financial, social life and culture. At least there are a shifting because of intention or emergency situation.

Reflection or mirror. Every action we take it, never far from risk. We have to get ready with that risk. The failure is one of the risk to reach something. We know that failure is the way to get success. Nobody success without get failure. When we fail we shouldn’t stop to act, but we should be able to reflect on it. Find the cause, correcting ourselves and create a strategic plan to prevent failures doesn’t occur again.
Other example, reflection also change physically form, like a beautiful woman, she rare look her self in front of mirror. After she saw  her self in front of mirror, her appearance looks more beautiful than before.

Rotation,the life is like a spinning wheel, sometimes above and other times at the bottom. But it not statute, because our life is a choice. We choose for better life or we choose for a bad life, its all depend on us. We have rules that manage and maintain our life to be good. If we want to be good in life, we should follow the rules, otherwise is not. Besides that, the rotation is also based on a fixed distance or consistent. It means, if we have changed, we must be consistent in an attitude, principles or other terms.

Dilatation or multiplication. Changes in the form of an enlarging or reducing in the right circumstances. Such as to minimise any shortcomings and errors, enlarge or improve the goodness in life. Or other example, someone get physical growth, someone are increasing age, but it mean reducing the age to live in this world.
When we love someone, may be at the first time, we didn't feel love to him, but day by day our feeling much increase to him. We can say this as dilatation of love.

So..., the transformation in our life or a resolution in our life, it may occur in the form of translation, reflection, rotation and dilatation a view specific circumstances. The reason is we have to change, we want to be good in life and far from failure. 

"The life is a choice, then we should choose to get good life."

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