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Thursday, 13 March 2014

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Hmm…almost more than a month I didn't write a new article in my blog. Now I am trying to write again, hope it will be useful for us.

What will you do when you feel weak and unable to stand when you face problems in your life? What will you do when your company dismissed some employee include you because of bankrupt? What will you do when your campus give you punished drop out?What will you do when you accept the proposal of marry from a man that you desire? What will you do when God give you a cute baby? What will you do when you get scholarship to continue study abroad? Of course, may you will not be able to control your emotion, may you will hit yourself, break a mirror, somersaults, scream or do some extreme activity after you quite while saying thank God, Alhamdulillah. But some people will not be able to control it and specially woman, she will cry as good as feel sad or feel happy. Crying is the thing that often be done by woman.

I have read some science book and article, woman has smaller eye bags than man, so when she cannot hold her emotion, tear will come out easily. Besides that woman has 60% prolactin hormone is more than man, this hormone support to produce tear. So that why woman is easy to cry when she is unable to hold her emotion. How about this,  if we are unable to hold our tear when we are working at office. Is it right place to cry?

When we are working, we cannot finish all of our jobs, we have more problems because of them, even problems come not only from office, but also from our privacy. May we meet our mates that they always make us feel uncomfortable, they always disturb us, they always want to know our job or our problems that they should not know. Or may our boss ask to do some projects and give us overload of job. Sometime, we cannot separate between work and privacy, when we are at office, our mind doesn't focus to do job, we still think about our privacy problem. For example, we think about our kid that we leave to our neighbour, or husband always do overtime at his office, arrears of  home rent money that didn't pay for three months. Of course this will break down our concentration and our professional work.

We are unable to manage and work well, may we will do mistakes and other department will complain about it. We will stress and depression, unable to concentrate and break our health at working. At this condition, we need friend to share our feeling and we need people who can give encourage to us. And, especially for some woman, spontaneous she will cry. Crying make feel good, woman think that crying can solve their problems (although actually it will not), crying make other people feel pity and they will give attention, cheer and encourage.

Some people said that crying at office is taboo, because people will see us as weak, unable control emotion and unable to do job professionally, not emphatic and even unable to face pressure at work. But nowadays, crying is usual to do. This is caused by changing of communication ways at work. No limit time between working and rest at home with family. Even when we are at home with family, we still get short message from office about work like email, sms, BBM, etc. Its change the way of professional life with that shouldn't do at that time. It make unable to control emotional, anger, sadness and emotion to cry at wrong moment.

For me, we must do all of job professionally according to the right time and right place. Before we go to office, we should forget everything that can break our concentration to work, we have ready to work with focuss on our job. We have decided to choose work before and even before we joined with company, we make agreement to do work professionally. We should do and follow it as a commitment.

If we cannot hold emotion and feeling to cry, we should choose the hidden room to cry, toilet room or other place that far from work. Or we can express with our friend at the break time and we can share to friend that we trust. Don't make our boss know that we are crying. We worry that he will think we are not professional employee. Not all bosses will know and understand about us. And, when you cry at toilet, don't cry for long, if you finish, sprinkle your face with powder and clean your dress and appearance as look like you are not cry. 

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