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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

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This article have been posted since 2010 in my blog. But still in Indonesian language (u can see Breakthrough Thinking) At that time I read a book, it was writen by Indonesian author. The title is “Breakthrough Thinking”. I really love this book. How they use words by words that make me enjoy and no boring when I read it. This book is talked about analytic and creative thinking. Being innovative is a choice. Analytic and creative thinking is needed and it will be useful if we can combine it.

We have to know about our potential and our character, then we can do maximum our ability. We realize that it is not easy to know it. Sometime I thought about myself, who I am, what is my choice and what is my ability that I can give maximum, will my choice be useful for me or other so I can focus to do it. In our life, we never far from problems, all around us is problems, it comes from environment even from our mind. Then, it depends on us how to think and how to handle it. Are we just focus on or it will be stepping forward for us.

I knew the word “Breakthrough” since I worked on 2006, when I join in HR Department for Six Sigma project, one of big company in Indonesia. My training manager always said about this word when he trained employee. Breahthrough is not passion and not magic thinking or dreaming. For me breakthrough is unusual brilliance and able to escape from the usual condition. We need creative thinking and out of the box thinking. Sometime when we join in new culture or condition, they cannot accept us well. But for brilliance people who live in, they will not do like that. They will accept new people and new condition well and they can collaborate with.

For me, creative thinking is expertise to combine or change or modification our knowledge then give new different and be useful for other. And, analytic thinking is a thought process that encourages us to make better decisions. And, we use creative thinking first to get more idea, then we use analytic thinking to analyze and choice which idea is better.

Some criteria about people who have creative thinking:
1.       Imaginative
2.       High curiosity
3.       Critical thinking
4.       Sensitive with environment
5.       Able to articulate ideas
6.       Unable work with schedule
7.       Willing to take risk
8.       Able to accept criticism

Some criteria about people who have analytical thinking:
1.       Systematic thinking
2.       High discipline
3.       Respect for the fact that logically presented
4.       Prefer organize things
5.       Strict and focus for problems detail
6.       Tend to be rigid
7.       Need a long time to give decision

In this book, they explain about creative thinking and analytic thinking by using story. There are two different person, Cerdi and Cerda. Cerdi has creative thinking and cerda has an analytic thinking. Cerdi always has an idea that appears suddenly, but cerda always analyze it and guess what will happen if he does its idea. Cerda look like slow and clumsy. But both of them are not wrong, if it condition can handle well.

And other condition, there are third person has innovative thinking. He is a visionary. He needs creative and analytic thinking to run his vision. Then, he asked Cerda and Cerdi to join with him to pursue his vision. This person takes this chance and manage it well. He manages two people who has two different thinking, but they can run together.

The innovator has mature way of thinking than analytic and creative thinking. Mitchell Ditkoff explained about innovative thinking :
1.       High motivation
2.       Easy-going and able adaptation in new condition
3.       Able to balance intuition and analytic
4.       Willing to take risk
5.       Visionary

We can conclude that innovative thinking is combine of creative thinking and analytic thinking. And, it is needed and important to solve problems and to make decisions. If we have a team that different idea, we can combine them, not refuse one and take other, but we take both of them to pursue our vision.

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