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Friday, 18 April 2014

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Last time, I have written about “Purposing for Study at School”. And, this article continue it.  Let's enjoy and I am sure you have more opinion about this. Please share with us in comments.

A student is a person who gets formal  study at school. In Indonesia, compulsory education is 12 years from elementary school until Senior High School. We must study about six years old until 18 years old. Then, we can choose we want to continue or not to next level such as diploma, bachelor degree, master degree or doctoral degree. As we know, nowadays specially in job field in our country, bachelor degree level is look like senior high school level, it's not look like higher level in education. So it means we must have minimum education at bachelor degree. I quote from psychologists that “About 17-25 years old is golden age because in this age determine people character to the next. If they fill with positive life and act, be creative, be discipline, be honest, then they will be a great person in individual and social”.

I have studied for five years old at kindergarten until I graduated at master degree. If I am back to the last time, I had more experience, I had more spirit also, I ever felt boring being a student. I think all people feel like me as well. When I was a child about 5-13 years old, I need more time to play with my friends, no need to study, even I gave more reason to mom to not study at home or school. When my mom ask me to repeat my lesson at home, I told to mom that i got headache, I feel sleepy, I got fever, and more reason to ignore it, but I was so lucky I had my parents that never forced me to study. They just gave advice and guide me to realize ii, ask me to not wasting time and explained to me how important study are. And, finally I realize it, I can change my bad habit because of family, environment and add of age and also encourage of me, I can change my mind to ignore and refuse everything that disturbs my study.

The system and administration of formal education in my country determine grade or rank in a class or school as benchmark for intelligent or not. If students get high grade, they are as intelligent's students, and if not they are not intelligent. This system forces to study more subject at that time, we should learn all subject social or technology subject. This run about 12 years of education, then we can choose as we want and we need in the next level of education. This causes students overwhelmed and even teacher as well. As a result difficult to achieve learning targets and eventually arises jealousy, envy, dissatisfaction, prestige and unhealthy competition between students and between teachers. Besides that, it has positive side that this system support students to be pioneer in a class, force them to achieve high grade. There occur competition to get achieved high grade. For good students will use optimum their time. This train themselves to be discipline and able to using their chance to goodness. But for other students will not use their own ability, they do cheating and lie when they get homework and test. They copy paste their friend and never use their own mind because they think they should get high grade. This make them un confidence and may they will do fraud to the next in their life.

For me grade and rank is not  main purpose in school, but have science and knowledge are important. This is caused by system and administration of education, students will assume grade is everything, they try to get high grade in a class, sometime because their ambition they don't think to remember their lesson for a long time, after they get high grade, they feel satisfied and its enough for them. They don't care if it makes them forget their lesson. They don't care how to apply it and they don't care what benefits for that lesson to the future. The important thing for students are not grade or rank at class. Grade can be bought, it can be stolen and it can be lied. But science and knowledge are not. It growths and lives in ourselves and our mind. It depends on us that we are able to apply, share or use it later or not. The important things for students are able to make themselves have high education, have good knowledge, good attitude, polite and respect in the spoken word. A student able to change mind being systematic, creative, intelligent and use chance for goodness. 
Nowadays, more intelligent people, but they don't have good attitude, arrogant, envy and unrespect with other. They cannot apply their knowledge to give benefit for other. They rare feel thank about what they get. If they realize they have education and they have different mind set and they know which one is better and not.  We are as student should have responsibility and confidence to bring ourselves to goodness. We are as student have purposing to get knowledge and not only grade, if we have knowledge or education at school so high grade and goodness as well will follow us.

As we know that education is not only at school, we can get at home and our environment. Lets we change our mind that study at formal education is not to get high grade but to get high knowledge and science then high grade will follow it.

 "The high grade is the gift for an educated student."

“He paved the way in search of knowledge Allah will make easy for him the way to heaven.” (HR. Muslim)

Hope we will be educated people and able to share goodness to our environment.

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