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Thursday, 1 May 2014

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Last time on April 23th, it was The World Book. Everywhere in this world, nobody doesn't know a book. Since we were kid, we have been introduced a book. In this topic, a book is a reading book that it has meanings, contains information and knowledge that able to change perspective and way of thinking after reading it. Reading book is not only read, but also must be understood it contains. There are more than one kind of books that we can read and learn. The books are available for all ages, children until mature and even old people. There are drawing books, lesson books, religion, general, fiction and even self-development books, etc.

The book was born from the great idea of great people that they think important to share it other. They began to write and made book that contain important information, knowledge, valuable experiences, and more idea that useful for other. A book is a window to the knowledge, all people said like that. A book can change perspective and way of thinking for new thing. A book can add our knowledge and perception from nothing to know become know everything.

The last time, I hate to read the books. I though it only like sleeping pills because it always made me sleepy and boring while reading it. Now for me books is valuable things, if I have choice between book and fashion, definitely I will choose book. I can make creative for fashion, I can share my idea about fashion and may it will give chance to get it directly, by having and reading books. For example, suppose that I have knowledge about marketing online shop and I can share it to other, and I will make trick how to get that fashion.

The book is a window to the world, it can enrich knowledge and led to the success. In social life, by having and reading books, we can add friendship and discuss it with friends, we have good topic to talk even it will give result to new idea.

“Never ignore the existence of the book”.

 The book is loyal friend and loyal teacher and always give idea, knowledge even important and good advice for us to do. Wherever we go, book always be with us. I love collect books such as lesson book, magazines, religion books, knowledge books, and my favorite book are self-development books and management books, and also I collect business books, skills and handicrafts books, food recipe books, comics, novel and all books that I think very useful for me. It began from curious, like, love and habit to collect and read books.

Reading a book is the important to master knowledge, to know the world, and to know how to pursuit the wealth of life in world and akhirat. Let's make reading book as our habit and it is possible that we are able to write a book and give great book to other.

We share positive each other by knowledge, idea and goodness and keep maintain friendship by knowledge not by money. Then, we can reach the success by reading books.

If we read a good book..:
Book makes we think
Book opens our mind
Book is the most loyal friend
Book is the most patience teacher
Book makes our mind rich with knowledge
Book makes we are free
Book makes we are able to share with other
Book makes people be famous
Book makes people do goodness
Book makes people be brilliant and intelligent
Book is not only have but it must be used for goodness..
A book gives million knowledge
A book gives more than one dream

by Melly

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