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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

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Since this week I found more about woman.  In my environment, home until my work at campus. Now I write an article about woman. This is not mean for discrimination, but it just admits a woman is a beautiful and  great creature of God.
Many people know that a woman is beautiful creatures of God to be spouse of a man. She is beautiful in physically and her character. A woman was created from the rib of man, it means a woman should be treated by good and polite attitude. A woman is a great and strong creatures, but it doesn't mean to be hurt. A woman has more ability and she is multitasking person, she is able to do more activities in the same time. A woman is able to manage her schedule and how to do work properly. Even in any cases of calculations, generally a woman is powerful than a man. 
We know that a man is powerful in his job or office, but if he goes back home, he needs a woman for trivial things. A man is able to solve his problems and focus in his activity at office, but if he loses his bag when he wants to go to work, directly he asks it to his wife. When a man gets troubles, then he needs a woman to rise and get encourage him. If a man gets success, then a woman reminds him to not overact and over proud about it. 
A woman is created as a multitasking creature, even she is more capable than a man.  She can do more activity, care for a hubby and her children, manage home conditional, cooking and washing in the same time, manage family financial and even a woman is able to work outside in office without leave her duty as a wife.
In a big company, a secretary always be chosen is a woman because they realize that a woman is able to manage and do more activity and the boss needs. When a boss asks for urgently report, directly she well-done, and in the same time she must manage the schedule for her boss with client, even the phone is ringing while she does it, and she must answer it first. For a woman secretary, she is able to do busy activity, although she will get stress and pressure because of full schedule, but she can handle on it properly.
A woman is tough, she can stand in a bad condition and maybe some man will desperate when he gets in trouble in his job, and a woman always beside him and give support him to rise up. When the family's financial crash, a woman will rise to improve it, although it is not much, but it shows that a woman is capable and strong enough to rise from adversity.
A woman is different with a man when they get pressure and stress at office or other things. She is able to make social relationship with other for sharing and discuss to find a solution. But a man will not do it, he will shut himself or forget even escape from that situation. Rarely a man makes social relationship for that reason because of prestige of a man.
The greatness of a woman who had never held a man is the woman is able to provide space for a new person in her body that would be born into the world. Even a pregnant woman is able to do activity in office and homework like usual. How great a woman is. So that women deserve to be appreciated and respected. Remember that when someone came to Prophet SAW and asked who first to be honored. Then, our prophet SAW said that “Mother...Mother...Mother...and your Father”. So high degree of women to be respected. But for woman, it doesn't mean to forget that a man still has a high position as a leader in family. He will guide woman to goodness. And, woman should respectful and obedient him while he was on the Allah SWT way.
We should be grateful was born as a woman, but we are not ordinary woman, we are an amazing woman who has ability to do amazing for goodness in our environment, family and other social life. Take the most potential and talent that we have as long as we have the chance to live in this earth. If today we are a student, never waste a precious opportunity to get knowledge and  insight as well our provision in this earth and hereafter. If today we are an employee, don't waste our opportunities to develop our talents and potential in career. If today we are a child, we should never waste our opportunities to devote to our parents. If today we are a wife and a mother, we should never waste our opportunity to serve and support our family to build became sakinah, mawadah and warahmah. It's a lot of opportunity we are given by Allah SWT to be a great woman with full talent and multitasking.
The most important thing for women to have is "Education". Although people assume women will eventually just be at home as a wife and mother. But it would be incredibly if woman has high education, then she can create amazing family and amazing children. Our children is continuer of us in the future.
Hi ladies, never give up if there is gravel on the way, do not just stop here and feel comfortable with the situation if we are able to do more. And, still istikamah, striving for goodness and positive thinking. Live is too short in this world, so use optimum our potential for goodness. Ameen..


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