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Saturday, 12 July 2014

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Last time, I watched animation movie that gives inspire and motivation. Although I often watch this movie, but I never bored on watching it. This movie was launched in 2007. Its title is Ratatouille. This animation movie is about cooking and Ratatouille is a kind of special food from French.

In this movie tell about story of Remy, rat, it is gift a highly developed sense of taste and, Remy is able to distinguish food which one is good to eat and other not. Remy is able to cook as well. Remy lives with its family on the roof. And, daily Remy always watch idol chef, Gustaeu, when a homeowner watches a cooking shows. Remy has a dream to be a great and famous chef like Gustaeu. One day, when Remy take some food and ingredients there, a homeowner sees him, he tries to catch Remy, but Remy escape then caused leave its family. On the way, Remy tries to take a cook book of Gustaeu, and the end stranded in a large city of France in front of famous restaurant of Gustaeu.

This restaurant was a famous and favourite of people there. Then, one day Anto Ego, an observer food visited  Gustaeu Restaurant. He writes a high negative critical about this restaurant. After Gustaeu died, the reputation's restaurant was a setback.

In this restaurant, Remy starts to develop its skill through Linguini, a garbage boy there, but actually Linguini is a heir of this restaurant that is covered the truth by new manager of restaurant. Friendship between Remy and Linguini gave a positive success, Remy has the chance to develop its skill through Linguini. Remy controls Linguini like a robot through Remy's hair. Because of hard work and learning by doing, Linguini becomes a great chef and make delicious Ratatouille through control of Remy. Anton Ego, an observer food shock and he doesn't believe that Ratatouille is the same with his mom made. More customers come to this restaurant to eat this dish.

In this story, a manager cannot accept that Linguini have a great skill in cooking. One day, when Remy and his colony come to restaurant to take food there, they were caught. And, unfortunately Remy and Linguini live far away. Then government close that restaurant because of the healthy reason. Its is not decent if more rats in a restaurant.

This does not take a long time, friendship between Remy and Linguini make them see again. Anton Ego has great plan to make a new restaurant that will be managed by Linguini and Remy. This icon of new restaurant is rat. There will be built a restaurant and separate between rats and human restaurant.

May we see this movie is like entertainment animation and not in real life, this movie only entertains us with great animation and story. But it has more lesson that we can learn especially from Remy. This is not mean that we act like rat, but we learn from Remy's attitude, view and effort to pursuit dream.  This animation movie teach us about bravery, teamwork and self-confidence.

The bravery of Remy to pursuit dream to be a great chef. Remy is only rat, but it has big ambition to develop its skill. Although Remy has separated left with its parents, although Remy is only a rat of disgusting animal, but Remy is able to prove and develop its skill to pursuit dream. So whatever our condition, wherever we come from, whatever we look like, and whatever our background, but we certainly have unexpected skills that we can develop it. And, the bravery can make our dream come true.

In a team, whatever our condition that we face, bad or good things that we have, bad or good things that we meet, we cannot make a great team that can find a solution without good teamwork and positive mind. The weakness will be covered by strength of team members. So everything will be done perfectly.

The other lesson that we can learn from this movie is self-confidence. Never fear about our condition, performance and attitude or our character that other cannot accept or not like it. But we must be brave and confidence and believe that we have the excellence skills, we are able to do good things for success, and we are able to do what other cannot do.

The important thing is Remy has a dream and clear purpose to be great chef. Whatever obstacle will occur, Remy views it with bravery, confidence and positive. Don't let anyone define our limits because of where we come from. But only limit is our soul. (except Allah says something to happen).


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