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Monday, 25 August 2014

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This morning I open my big cupboard that is more collection of books there. We collected more book like school, novel, comic, Islamic book and management book. At that time my eyes just fixed on one book, its title is “Know Can Do”. It was written by Ken Blanchard as extraordinary writer, Paul J. Meyer as great entrepreneur and Dick Ruhe as master motivator.

This book teaches us how to apply knowledge into action. How to manage ourselves and our motivation effectively. Learning is the way from know into action. The success learning if we are able to apply what we have known into our life and it makes habit.

The fact that we always meet and we have experience that we have high motivation after we get new information and new knowledge. Is it useful if we are not able to apply it and follow up? We are a human has limited such as time, act, knowledge, etc. Limited to remembering. People who just hear are able to remember only 50%, after 24 hours they will forget about 50%. And, the end month they are able to remember only less than 5%. So, we need solution for this condition.

When we learn something, we need a note as reminder. When we listen a teacher or a trainer, we should write in a note the main points from them.  This note is useful as reminder when we forget. We can apply this in school or work field. Write the main point from meeting or while we are doing some work at that time. There are three thing that people don't want to learn and cannot be able to apply what they have known :
  1. Overload of information. This looks like overdose of information. We can solve this by accepting/sharing information little by little, but often, so easy to learn and understand.
  2. Negative filtering. It will block our progress. This act is difficult to change. So, we should learn positively, positive expectations and open to new things without any prejudice and presumption.
  3. Lack of follow up. If we just know and want to know, it cannot change and it cannot apply what we have known. So, we need motivation for learning to do and we have planning on what we have learned.
From the three items above, one key to solve gap between know and do is REPETITION- REPETITION - REPETITION. We always repeat what we have known and learn into in a habit. Then, we must be able to share what we know and teach others. In other words, it is important to have good follow up after learning.

So, Know Can Do... eliminate the gap between knowledge and action, between what we know to what we done through repetition.

Hope this is useful, I share from what I have read, learn and know. Then, I try to repeat by reading more and sharing other.


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