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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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Have you ever felt regret when doing things that actually you unwant to do? Have you ever felt a heavy heart when saying NO to your friend? Have you ever felt unwilling to reject someone? I am sure that we are as an eastern always care others than ourselves. No wrong from that, but in some condition we should care ourselves first then other. Sometime we don't think about whether they will act like us. And, we don't think about the negative effect when we force ourselves.

A salesman promotes his product and he tries to influence us to buy it. Whereas we don’t want it at that time because of financial condition. Because of the feeling of heavy heart, feeling of compassion and feeling of prestige in ourselves, we are not able to reject him and say NO to not buy. What will you get from this situation? Surely you will regret and pressure to think how to pay loan to the next.

Your boss ask you to do overtime and your condition does not support it because you have overload job at that time. And, you accept it as your professional even you realize disable to finish it. What will you get from this situation? More pressure, stress and unsatisfied result also more mistakes will occur from your job results. Maybe more colleague and clients will assume that you are not professional. This is effect occurs as no bravery to say NO.

We have right to say NO eventually it will be goodness for common interest. We have right to say NO for satisfied results. We have right to say NO to be disciplined and firmly on ourselves and others. Through this possibility it will take risk. Don't you think that when you say YES will take risk as well. Just think that every decision has risk on it. And, we should pass it.

Someone needed to rest and felt so tired about his responsibility in a project, but he was not able to say NO and he was worry the perception of not professional at work, he still continued to finish it, although feeling heavy heart. He tried to think as form of everything is possible to do. But in case he shouldn't do it, it would be impact to his health and concentration then impact to his performance at work. No wrong if he said NO and rejected some job if he was not able to do it rather than he got to stress and not able to finish its works. Instead, he always complained about his condition and he didn't give positive results. So this is good to say NO. It doesn't mean he didn't do maximum to get possibility perception, but he has right to say NO and he should reject it for his good result.

The saying NO to get justice for ourselves, to reject something for inappropriate with our condition. This is the justice to bring discipline, brave and self-confidence. The saying NO is not negative thing. This is kind of our professional capacity, so that we are able to undertake the responsibility given to us and we are able to give fair decision. There is not wrong if we are indulging ourselves by saying NO.

The first time, I feel so difficult to reject and say NO. Now I success to get out from that situation and I can say NO if I don't like it and if it is not an appropriate condition for me. Although it will take the risk on it, just think that I learn from mistake to be good.

So...will not you brave to say NO?


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