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Sunday, 28 September 2014

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In 2009, surely you ever watched a movie about a shopaholic girl that is crazy shopping woman. She is hard to resist the urge or temptation to not spend her money. This movie story was taken from novel written by Sophie Kinsella, “Shopaholic Takes Manhattan”. The first time, I watched this movie on 2009, it was a comedy movie and more lesson that I got on it. This movie is nearly same with “The Devil Wears Prada” about fashion. The Confession of Shopaholic, there is a twenty-five old woman, names Rebecca Bloomwood and she lives with her friend, Suze. She is a writer in Finance Magazine. But her life is not accordance with what she wrote. She cannot control to not spend more money to buy the things. She is a shopaholic woman, addicted to buying things. She is not able to eliminate this bad habit, for the consequence, she gets badly financial. She has high debt of credit card and her salary is not enough to fill her life. Rebecca face more process to thinking adult. She falls in love to a man, she works in new company and finally able to be not shopaholic woman. Now, I will not discuss this movie story because we can watch online on

Last time, I had discussed with some people and this is my experience as well, why shopaholic occured and why I was shopaholic (symptom) before I get married. The meaning of shopaholic formed by shop=buy a thing and aholic=the habit that is not able to resist the urge either realize or not.  So, shopaholic is a person considered to be addicted to shopping, they are not be able to resist the temptation to shopping and shopping, then they waste time and money although they realize that doesn't need it. About 90% the shopaholic are women and the other hand men are shopaholic as well.

There are some symptoms of shopaholic, feeling satisfied while shopping for not the needed and feeling regret after bought it. The shopaholic has a lot of things, but they rare and even never use its. They buy for pleasure and to make them satisfied for a while. They are not able to hold their money and credit card, they need to spend it more to get things that not useful for them. Even they lie to other about their money that has been spent on shopping.

More causes shopaholic  occurs. When the stress comes and excessive anxiety about something, then they will go to outside to public center or mall, it was originally only intended for refreshing, but ultimately they buy things that are not needed.  Other side, they haven't responsible for their actions and never think what the impact or consequence. Similarly decide to buy things without thinking about the benefit, even though the things purchased were not needed. Then, they have low self-confidence and their hedonic life with perception that the human having will be respect because of their richness and their material. They want to be seen great and OK in front of other people to maintain prestige because of material. More negative impact will occur for shopaholic, high loan, stress and financial pressure, fire from the job, more crime even kill themselves.

The few things that we can do to solve this and I was already doing to not buy things that are not needed.  The key is a strong desire to change this habit. We must be able to determine whether the things that we need and whether the things that we want. We must change our mind to not buy for unused things, and try to rethink again for shopping. Write the financial plan per month and analyze the financial report about what it has been spent before. When we stress, do the positive moment such as sleep, take a rest, stay and having fun with family or doing some hobby (not shopping). If shopaholic is already high-level, then should go to the psychologist to overcome with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and relaxation therapies that help them overcome the thoughts and behaviors that are not rational and prevent them to not continuous shopping habit.

Hopefully this is useful. :)


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