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Monday, 27 October 2014

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Suddenly I want to write something about my sister on her birthday October 27th. This is not mean to be sad. Just to remember her. Every October I always get reminder to send greating card of birthday to my sister, because the last time, me and her made an account to sending greating card of birthday each other.

It has been six years of my sister passed away. Its not difficult to let it but I must do. Me and my sister always together. Since we were kid, we always were together wherever we go, even we studied at the same university in bachelor degree. She’s good sister and good friend that I had. She always support me to do what I want and she gave me more inspiritation. We have desire and passion to the future, and we promised to reach it.

Since a kid me and my sister look like twins sisters. We have a year and ten months different age. I am the oldest and she is the middle before my youngest brother. She was so clever, always do worship to God properly, active and so brilliant. She was strict girls and always detail for everythings. We always playing and discussing together. If we were holiday time, we never missed more activity at home such as playing piano, sing the songs together, sewing, making handicraft, scrabble games or other positive games to fill our holiday time. And at the end of holiday, we spent our time to go for shopping. If we were invited by someone to go like auntie or uncle to holiday time, we must went together, if not, we wouldn’t go. We couldn’t separate each other. That’s like the twins sister.

We have same hobby, we love books, we love reading. I am still remember that we never left to buy many books if there was the book fair. In the holiday time, when we were playing piano (organ) alternately, sometime we created the new musical note of the song. And after we heard pop song, then we try to made musical note of it. Then we played it while singing together. Although our voice was not good to hear, but we enjoy it. In other side for subject to study, we love mathematic, science and computer. So that why I studied in mathematic and she studied computers science and learn to making programme at bachelor degree. Then we wished that we could colaborate our skill to get something new.

If I go to her grave, I feel she is smile and she looks like say to me "Keep it up sister!! You must do what do you want and what we had dreams before." When I saw her picture, she always give good smile and her positive aura that always show in her face. The otherside I feel that she went so early, maybe God was not let her to live long in this world then she would be far from mistakes and sin.

Maybe you have same experience with me. You miss your sweetheart, and although it has been more than 10 years, it couldn’t be removed from our heart and mind. Just think that don’t let ourselves lack and mourn because of them, because it make they will be sad in here after. Send prayers and fulfill their desire as long as our ability. Hope they are well in heaven. Learn the positive life from them.

Happy Birthday my sister...we miss you...we love you...

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