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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

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This article idea comes when I did something that I had never been done it (positive things) before and I do not have skill on it as well.  I want to ask you about something, had you ever done something like that? And, what did you feel when someone tells you to do so? Would you reject or accept it? Did you feel it like the challenges or just wasting your time? Everybody has different special skill with other. There is someone whose stiff that his skill is extent that he has today and no wishes to try to do new things. I think everyone has more than one skill. It just depends on his perception of whether he has confidence, courage to undertake other skills. Regardless of the failure or success of what it is done.

We know that all of human cannot escape from failure. So that don't be afraid if we get failure in doing something. From my experiences, I like to break the rules, I will know the truth about something after I did failure. The first time I got a job, I was blind about working life. I didn't know what to do, although I asked my boss or relation it merely knows the right, and I didn't know what the solution if I did wrong. From the failures I know the truth and the solutions I should do. But on other hand, we should keep good performance in working.

The great people's is who never said Impossible, but always said, "Possible" and "I can do it". They will know their ability after they try to do it. It is better to try than not at all, at least we have the experience and  the lessons of it. But do not try to do things that could endanger ourselves and others if it is unnatural things.

Before we do something new, we should find information and sharing with other about it, so that at least we already provide bit knowledge about it. In addition, we should prepare ourselves, confident, believe and courage to do it and also motivation are the key of success and able to do so. Ignore all whisper that will make us fail and consider new things as a positive challenge to know our potential. We will feel a wonderful thing when we are able to do new things.

God creates us with various skills and talents, it just depended on us to know and explore it. Whether it gets through reading, friendship, attention, education, experiences or other things that we have at the moment.

The most stupid things is to give all kinds of reasons why we don't do new things and show to state that we really don't want to do it and without tried it first. But the greatest thing is to do new things as a form of challenge and experience new learning. Succeed or not, we are already on higher level than those who don't dare to do new things.

by MEYF ^_^

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