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Monday, 1 December 2014

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I am not too old to understand about working in education field and its management. And, I am not familiar about deep rule of education work field. Last time, I never though that I would work in education field, but I would like to be pioneer or a businesswoman and I didn't think to be an employee in government company that must obey the rule. Actually some people will be break it rules. I don't like to obey all rules because I often be curious everything. Although I knew that there are more risks if I break it or I will get ridicule. But for me, if I break some rule, I will get positive feedback, valuable experience, and good knowledge about the new things. For me, break the rule to get positive side is OK, but never do to break the rule for destruction.

When I left my job in a company or non educational, I entered the working in education field and I get something new here. I don't know is this Karma or not because I ever refused and hate this work field before. I thought I was a quiet girl and I didn't have skill to teach or motivate students in a class. It was the same when my mind thought to refuse to choose mathematics as my subject in university, I only thought as mathematician had job as a lecturer.

Then I realized, it was not wrong if I try to go out and break my thought just to get positive things. Then, I passed it, assumption and perceptions weren't all true. A mathematics graduate is not only as a teacher, but they are able to be a leader in a company and even they are sent to abroad as a leader at there. I got motivation to enter new work field, I had new challenges and although I didn't have any skill in this work field. I worked as human resource officer that we know people who work here have psychology or law skill. This work field related to human, but my skill related to numeric and mathematics. This is great challenge for me. And, I just believe and change the mindset that I was able to do this job.

From all the explanation above, more things that I share to my students at campus, it is about mindset. In my country, government asks to all the citizen to study minimum 12 years, and even continue to university. Some people will think that purpose to study in university is to find job and keep prestige in public, or to delay married time or other reasons. But I thought based on my experience it is not true, study in university is to form and change mindset become great human. When I was in a class with students, I always share that study in university just not to get good mark or try too close to a lecturer to get good mark, but the important thing that is to change the mindset. The mindset from ordinary mind become to great mind.

When a lecturer set rules to not come late into class, it is useful for us to train
ourselves to be discipline, how precious the time that we have. If we are already accustomed to the discipline since school so that it will be our habit and this is so important in working as well. Some students don't care about this, and even underestimate and break this rule, they still come late into class. They don't realize that this rule is very useful for their life in the future. When they graduate and they get job in a company. Working at company is so different experience with study in campus. In here we need more discipline and we must give good performance to them. The discipline that we get since school train us to be good personal specially in work field.

Every company has different rules for working time and different punishment if their employee come late. They will get poor performance, no incentive, no allowances and even be fired from company. But if we always come on time, it will not be occure to us.  So that from now we should follow the schedulle time in terms of classes or other activities. This certainly gives a positive performance for us as a diciplined and never wasting time that we have. This show us how to appreciate the time and appreciate others. And, the impact, they will be glad to require us in all event or activity.

Beside that, studying at campuss is change mindset how to solve the problem that we face. When a lecturer give homework and test, we must to solve it by ownself and no cheating. This teach us to maximize our energy and thoughts. Homework teach us to be smart, creative and innovative, it’s look like knife, if we make its always grind down so it will be sharp. If we always use our mind to think, we will be more intelligent to solve the problems.

Lecturer gives a test to train our readiness and mindset for receiving the material that we had as long as study. It would be satisfied if we are able to solve these problems by ourselves. Similarly, if we are in the work field. Indeed, all lecture material will not be asked in a job. We will not ask about circle volume, integral or other subject, but the important thing is the mindset and readiness in dealing with problems in work field. If we are accustomed to solving homework by ourselves, so that it will not be impossible that we will be able to solve any problems in work field. We will be easier to give good performance and obtain high position and even high salary. Maybe other best company will see our performance and they want to require us to be their employee.

Some students think that they are not capable to compete with other student from top university. They are not capable to compete with other major in university. This is wrong mindset. We shouldn't move back, but we should go ahead and change our mindset that we are the same with them. We are capable to compete with them. Although we didn't graduate from top university, but we are able to be great, is not it something great and rare occur. Strength and intelligent lies within each of us, no need to show off to others. And, by showing outstanding results, then we become an extraordinary person. No need to show off the greatness or even underestimate the abilities of others. Just plan and do it directly without telling to other until we achieve it.

Wherever we are studying, whatever university we join is, the key success is ourselves. The mindset, discipline and self-awareness from now to use maximize the positive things and positive knowledge that we learn from school and environment. Whatever major we study, it just depends on our mindset, how to follow it up with a positive and maximum. Nobody understands us except ourselves. The knowledge is so expensive, but it will be more expensive if we live without knowledge. So that we should maximize to use this opportunity to study in campus that are already within our grasp this moment. For me, I have struggled to continue my study. It is not to get prestige or position, but I thirst for knowledge in the hope gives advantage to others. For prestige, it just a gift for us of what we have done and not the primary purpose of misleading.


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