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Friday, 9 January 2015

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We often hear the word of creative and innovative, both in the educational field, job field and daily life. It is not only related to craft or produce a thing, but it can be associated with finding new ways in completing a problem. The creative usually supported by the courage to get out from the ordinary things.

According to dictionary (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia) that "The creative means have brilliant idea to create or the ability to create" while innovative is renewed the things to be something different or introduce a new thing from something that already exists become more meaningful.

For me, mathematics taught how to be creative and innovative as well as other sciences. For example, in solving mathematical problems, it doesn't have one way to solve it, but a lot of ways that give same result. It depends on us how to think and all people have a different way.

The thinking creative usually thinks to be unique, different from others and get out from the usual. Indeed, this is difficult to find as any student who always copy what their lecturer taught. Some students don't have courage to share and express their idea to solve the same problem with different methods. They don't realize that they have new ideas and new methods that it is very useful for others.

The imitate a way is the easiest, but to make it different is not an easy. It needs courage and self-confidence to be creative and innovative. Whenever I am in a class share knowledge for students, I asked them to not only copy what I shared, but they should find the other way to solve the problems, they should understand the meaning and the purpose of it, then I asked them to resolve the problem by their ideas without away from the concept of that subject. I don't know what wrong is, whether they are not be able to look different or whether they don't have courage to look different. For me creative and innovative is not easy. I often hear the people say that "I am not creative because I don't have talent". Of course this is wrong statement because the creative is not a talent or was there since birth, but creative can be trained and eventually it becomes a habit that is inherent in ourselves.

Be brave to look different and out of the rule is able to train thinking creative. It can be called Think Out of The Box, we think out of the habit or existing ones. Then, open-minded and acceptance of condition around us is also can train to thinking creative. Maybe we face the condition that is not suit of us, then we feel depressed, but we should try to think positive and find new ways to overcome them. Sometime an idea will come when we feel depressed.

Furthermore, we always be confidence and no low self-esteem to create and express the creative idea. Don't care if other people do not agree with our idea because thousands of people out of there who agree with our idea. The thinking creative also can be trained by joining the creative communities. Nowadays, we can find it so easy specially on media social such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Forums that can be chosen as we like. To generating innovative as well as same the thinking creative, but we should be continue to make change and breakthrough so that gives the valued-added of it.

Let's create something new, don't be afraid to be different. Is not something different will be the center of attention and it will open an opportunity to express our idea. I am still training to thinking creative and being innovative.

By MEYF ^_^

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