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Monday, 5 January 2015

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We don't realize that we have been in 2015 and so fast the year 2014 passed. Maybe we don't realize that what we have done in 2014. Have we achieved our target or not? It is very important to having planning and target. This is the way for us to take action. How great the people who are able to take action in accordance with the direction of the target.

As usual at the end of the year I always review planning and achievement of targets during the year whether it has been achieved 90% or less. And, then I make new resolution and write it into planning and target for next year. In writing the planning, we should write all the things that are expected to be achieved, despite feeling it is impossible. However, we should ignore our mind from negative and impossible mindset because everything depends on ourselves, opportunities, effort and our prayers to God. It is also possible that things may not be turned into possible.

If we open our note of planning and target last year, we can predict what percentage achievement of our effort to get it during a year. And, then we can compare it with the previous years. From this we can consider how much of our ability to achieve the targets that we set with consideration of the conditions at that year.

No word to show disappointed when our planning and target has not been achieved. It shows that we are given the opportunity to fight for achieving it and God wants us to have great experience and valuable lesson before getting what we want. Maybe our planning and target is like worldly such as job, married, having kid, education, vehicles, materials, position, etc. And, other like hereafter such as do worship an uprights, memorized the Quran and holy-book, do good to everyone, sharing positive thing with other, etc. Everything is free to having planning and target as long as we set a positive for us and others.

And, now we rewrite the resolution or planning and targets to be achieved in the 2015s. While continuing the achievement of targets in 2014 which didn't achieve. Maybe there will think that life just follow the plot, don't need to have target and dream high, don't need to complicate ourselves, and just grateful for everything that we get. For me, grateful is required because it makes our heart be roomy and sincere. However, having planning and target is absolute because it gives motivation and direction to take action in life. And, achieving the targets is great, but if it is not achieved, then we should be patient. Keep trying with positive thoughts to achieve it is super.

Ourselves like an organization in which has vision and mission as the direction and purpose of our actions. One of them is having dream, planning and target. In addition, as an advisor and leader are our hearts (feeling) and minds that will decide, provide motivation and patience as well formulate strategies to achieve them. And, other part of our body are operators that always ready to perform all actions in accordance with the vision and mission.

Age, experience, education or whatever it is, there is no reason not to write down the target that we want to achieve in the year 2015. Write down it and read it back at a certain time is better than we do not write at all because we will forget to do it.

So that, lets we write down all the things that are expected to occur in our life and ignore the impossible think because nothing could be if we don't try to do it. And, God always provides convenience for us if we do effort and prayer.

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