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Saturday, 21 December 2013

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Salam everybody..:)
Hey... now we are in the end of year.
Twelve months we have gone through. 
And the 2013 is almost over and already waiting for the year of 2014. As usual, we always evaluate our activity and our wishes at the end of year, both in the scope of personal or community.

Come on all…!!! 

We re-open our note, re-read and re-evaluate all of our plans and our wishes that we made in the end of last year. It will be a motivation for us to do it in the next year. Through this article, I share about what I always have done over the past five years. And it give good impact and much useful for me.

Every end of year, I alwasy write in a note or diary about my plans and my wishes that I want its happen. I wrote its all, either inevitable or impossible to happen. It is not mean I am conceited or arrogant about it, I just make sure my self and trust its will be happen and I can reach it. These notes are as a reminder to my activity or to reach my wishes that I have planned before. These notes can guide me to arrange what I should do. 

Sometime if I read again my note, it look like impossible and fool wishes, coz it may not happen and so difficult to happen. But suddenly it could happen and make me satisfy about it. Then I get encourage to do other plans or other wishes for the next time.  

Lets write all that we want and need, even hundreds plans or wishes, although it look like mad or crazy plans. Don’t be ashame, because only us read that’s note. And don't forget to re-evaluate it periodecally.

In the end of year, after we re-evaluate  it, we find more plans or wishes have done, although they are not reach 100%. But its give special pleasure and satisfaction for us. And of course, it give us encourage or motivation to actualize other plans for next time.

Lets we try to make plans and wishes as our resolution for 2014.

Just sharing my experience how to make notes or diaries about my resolution. Its so simple notes, its have contents of some coloumn and some row of plans/wishes. The first coloumn are for numbers of plans/wishes, the second coloumn are for plans list and we can write its in our language and informal language . In the third coloumn are information about our plans/wishes that have been done or not. And the last column we can put some of funny picture or motivation quote to actualize or planning. Pleas look at this picture below, some of example notes.

It show 9 plans and wishes, three plans have done and i give smiley picture. And the other that have not done, I put motivation word at there. This all always re-evaluate in every month.
So..come on…

Now we write more our plans and our wishes that can useful to guide and motivate us in the next year. And in every month or periodically, we have to evaluated its all. So everything will be planned and arranged. 

We can call this all as Plan-Do-Control-Act. Just to get better things are coming. And if our plans/wishes can not be actualized, don't be sad, just make sure our mind and our heart it will be realize next time.

Have wonderful day and wonderful life...
And alwasy think positive...

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