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Thursday, 21 August 2014

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When I was enjoying sitting in a room while seeing a glass that was filled half of water, then I remember about four years ago, I read a book without boring more than once times. This book is “Half Full – Half Empty” was written by Parlindungan Marpaung. And, now I try to share what I have got from this great book.

What do we think if we see the second glass above? What is our conclusion? Will we think a glass is half full, or half empty or other opinion? It depends on how we view this situation, and surely we have different view with other. Maybe they will say that a glass is half full of water, and other will say a glass is half empty or a glass is full with water and air. All of this opinion is no mistakes.

If we throw water out, then what will we see from a glass? Maybe we will think a glass is empty or a glass is full with air. There is no mistakes opinion as well, but if we can view from other side, this connects with how we view for something that we face or we get.
If we say that full means positif thinking and empty means negative thinking, this both will be useful if we can make it balance in a condition. For example, when we plan a business, we must be able to see a positive side if this business runs well. And, we cannot deny from negative side, there has the risk that we will get if we cannot be able to run this business well.

Our life will be qualified depend on how we view and understand about things that we face. This is not a secret that we can deny to face more bad event that we don't want it will happen to us. And, it is natural that we will respond negatively the first time, but we must be able to press it with positively. Then, we can accept it well and even we can change it to be positive.

We were given mind and heart to think and life. Think more broadly by viewing at things from the viewpoint aspect will make us more powerful, intelligent and open-minded, so that we are able to put ourselves and develop ourselves according to ability. Then, we are able to encourage and develop our life positively.

In the view that a glass is empty means we view at things negatively, this is not appropriate if we keep this mind for a long time and even we influence other to same viewing with us. We must be able to fill an empty so it will be full. It means we must be able to change negative to be positive. It is bad if we still insist on our wrong opinion and we force to accept it. Sometime other will think negative to us that we didn't know anything. This related with how we appreciate at things, how to appreciate other people, how to appreciate our mind to be positive.

The quality of our work and our life depends on how we view about life. People who have a positive viewing on life is a person who is always doing more than required and have the character of an intelligent worker, and they will be able to recognize her competence and quality so that they know where they will evolve and success. How good if we are able to using mindset positively.


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