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Saturday, 8 November 2014

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Friendship, the beautiful word to say, but difficult to keep it. What is friendship? What should the friendship look like? Is the true friendship will be break? For me friendship is wonderful if I can keep it well. A friend cannot be measured in term of physical, money, and background of life. The friendship is pure and truly sincere from the heart without expecting the advantages for ourselves. The friendship is a relationship of mutual support each other. When a friend feels pain, then we will feel pain as well, when a friend feels happy, and he/she doesn't forget to share with us.

How lucky we are if we have a sincere friend. It is too difficult to find a sincere friend, but it is too easy to break thousand friends. A sincere friend always be with us, wherever we are and whatever our condition be. He/she always supports us and give trust to us. If we do fault, he/she will not leave us, but he/she will teach and guide us to goodness way. He/she will always be with us although feels hurt because of us and make us happy when we felt sad.

A friend is able to share and give attention for us. When a friend is angry, it doesn't mean angry forever. A friend always help us if we get pressure. A friend will give us freedom to do what we want as long as goodness. He/she will not force us to do what he/she hopes and always tries to make us aware if we are lost /wrong. A friend will lead us to do well and positive things, even though he/she knows we do wrong, but friend never leave us and always be loyal as a friend. And, even friendship is too heavy relationship than family. The difficult condition is when we keep trust of friend.

We often forget the meaning of friendship, we get easy to angry when we cannot accept the failure from friend, we feel annoying if a friend is not able to do what we hope. Before we do this, we must think what a friend feels when we cannot give what his/her expect from us.  A true friend will never be broken. For any failures that we did, always forgive and never leave us. In friendship need to understanding, trust, respect, commitment and love. It is different with man and woman relationship that can be broken because of jealous then do sin. In friendship no jealous because we give support each other. If someday a friend asks us to leave because he/she feels hurt, then we will do it for the goodness and happiness of him/her.

A friend always cares and understands what we feel. A true and sincere friend cannot be replaced by thousand ordinary friends. So that for my friend, thank you that you have been part of my life that has been loyal and sincere to share the ups and downs. Every second with you will not be able replaced by other friends. When my friend asked me to leave because of my mistakes, I was ready to do even I feel hurt. I ll do as long as he/she will be happy for this situation.

May we always be able to keep the friendship and if our friend do mistake, we have  to forgive and try to understand and find the truth condition. As to remember, a sincere and true friend always cares and doesn't care about mistakes that we made, and try to guide us for goodness. So that, don't let friend goes because he/she will not be replaced by thousand friends. And, to my best friend, I hope you always be happy and success for your life. God always bless you.


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