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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

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Just sharing my experiences, and some of them I got books and tausiyah and sharing with friends. We are as God's creatures in the world have a responsibility to live better. Responsibility to comply with the good life. To be a human being obedient for His commands and leave all His ban. We got opportunity to life in this world are different for every human, there are only one minute after birth, two days, 23 years, 56 years, 65 years or 1000 years. We do not know how long we will live in this world. Although we are healthy life, maybe we have a short time to life, even people who are sick are given long life by Allah SWT to live in this world.

The greatest grace we received from Allah SWT is the grace of Iman and Islam. We were born in a state of faith in Him. All our lives are governed by Allah in the Quran.  It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad SAW in order to be able to run a better life in this world and the afterlife. But there are still many moslem and including me that have not been able to practice all of which are described in the Quran.

Every day,  we still do many sins even though we know it is a sin, and we do not do our duty as His creatures, even though we know what we have to do. And, we still think that we can life and have long age in this world, so we think that we can be good and remove our sin in old age. Please think that we will never know when we will die, it could be a minute, an hour, a day, a month or a year later or even hundreds of years later. However, we still hold to the principle that we are trying to doing goodness and leave the evil and sin as we will die tomorrow.

It is just for sharing and we remind each other. And, we can choose which one is good and right for our life and the world hereafter because there may be assumed that the speaking or writing easier than doing it.
I remember about five years ago, when I returned to Bukittinggi because on that day the death of my sister. On the way from  Soekarno-Hatta airport to Minang Kabau airport as long as on the way, I listen the Nasyeed song from Opick, and there is one song that I always repeat, which says that

Live in the world, just briefly
When grief, when laughter
Hopefully we will be back into Allah
Time is running
It never comes back again
When hard, when sad
Tear is not everything

Only the servants of God who always surrender
Because everything depends on Him
Only in Him all headed

Second time will pass
Love and grief will pass
Not all immortal
cry, laughter and tears
All passed and gone

It just a piece of nasheed, which reminds us that the time will never be back, so we should be able to use the time wisely for goodness. All that we have, including ourselves going back to him. Do not waste your time and use the opportunity given to us to live better in the world and hereafter by following all his commands and leave all of his ban.

Please don’t think that all of our religion ask is ancient and not modern.  Please look again, this time our lives are more ancient because it follows the lifetime of ignorance before the revelation of the Quran. Women are not respected, a man like a woman, or a woman like a man, people are proud about their beauty and their body and don’t care about sins, pride in doing evil and ignorance, and many more.

Hope we can use our time for doing goodness and get better life in this world and afterlife, Amin..

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