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Friday, 21 November 2014

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I am a cartoon lover. I got a distinct impression of watching it. More colour bright animations, sound funny and hilarious stories provide different entertain from other TV programme. More people thought that cartoon are only for kid, but actually it is wrong. Watching cartoon can reduce our stress, adding creative ideas and also it has more lessons that we can learn.

Masha and The Bear is a cartoon that I never leave for watching it. That story is about friendship between Masha and Misha. They live together with other animals in the forest. They have a tree house. Masha is a cute little girl, she has a round-eyed and wearing veil. She is hyperactive, nosy, annoying and also cheerful. Masha like a lollipop. She wants to know everything, but she is responsible for what she did. When she said, "Come on play with me," other animals will be running scare because they don't want to get nosy by Masha. Although she is annoying girl, but she is responsible girl. If she makes mistake, then she will try to correct it. Actually, she is annoying because she wants to get attention from Misha and other animals. She wants to be involved with every Misha activity, but she always gives messy result.

On the other hand, Misha is a bear that had received awards and experience in the circus world. Misha couldn't speak, but it understands human language. Misha is a quiet, neat, industrious and friendly. Although Misha is a wild animal, but lover and care to Masha and other animals. Misha has more skills such as cooking, sewing, farming, play puzzle, playing music instruments and like to care and clean tree house. Masha always tease and disturb Misha, but Misha always be patient and love Masha.

This cartoon is very entertaining in addition to behaviour of Masha is hilarious and annoying other animals. She has a cute face and adorable to see. This is good story and no antagonistic character that make me stand for hours to watching it. And, it has more lessons that I can learn from this Rusian cartoon, there are about friendship, family, patience, affection, responsibility and happiness.

Masha and Misha are two contrasting character, but they have strong friendship. They have a sense of affection for each other so that they have strong relationship and brotherhood. From this I learn that friendship must affection each other with friend. It is the main thing that we should give, mutual support and motivate each other. When they feel sad and down we should make them happy, when they are happy we should be happy too and no jealous of them. When friend do mistake, we should remain to be good and forgive them. When a friend is annoying us, we should remind patiently if we feel not comfort.

The affection makes Misha always be patience to face annoying Masha, and even Masha always disturb other animals. This teach us how to be patience when we face annoying things and even painful. The other character of Masha is cheerful girl and always give humour for Misha. The friendship also give humour to each other. We must make balance between serious and humour condition, we should know friend character and they should now us too.

Another lesson is the attitude of the responsibilities of Masha, admitted her mistake and tried to correct it. This teach us always be responsibility for what we have done.

Although it is a cartoon, but it teaches us more lessons and positive to us. Please watch this funny...little cute Masha and adorable face..annoying character and make us laughing...


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masha and the bear said...

i like masha , i think she smart girl ^o^