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Thursday, 13 November 2014

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God created a woman as being unique and beautiful. Each uniqueness gives an overview and specific features. Woman are often perceived as being physically weak so they should be protected by man. But woman is stronger than man in hearts and spiritually, so she was created to encouraging and motivating a man.
Woman was created from the rib of man that is bent, which if corrected immediately it will be broken. It doesn't mean that a woman is bad, if a man wants to straighten it, he must be patient otherwise it will break the relationship. The ribs are also significant as a supporter, motivator and protector of soft organ in the human body. As soon as woman as a supporter and protector who remind man for goodness.

A woman always shed tears, but it doesn't mean she is weak. Woman tend to put her feelings rather than men and even more emotional. It collaborate with lachrymal glands so that when she feels sad, the lachrymal glands will response it by crying.

Woman was created to be a special,  woman is a special as a kid so that she can protect and honor to her parents. Woman is special as a friend so that she can maintain friendship sincerely with all her heart. Woman is special as a wife so that she can maintain the honor, conditioning and motivating for her husband. Woman is a special mother for her kids so that she is able to educate and care for children with all her heart. Woman is special because of her beauty, but the important beauty is from her heart. Honestly, loyalty, love and intelligence are part of her beauty. Woman is jewelry of world, the best woman is a woman who believes in her Lord.

Woman may be physically weak, but woman is created as being the most powerful and tough face trials. Some woman are very sensitive to the conditions and feelings. If she gets hurt, she will be difficult to feel good again. If she gets hurt may not be able to return to the original state of fear when she faces the same condition. When woman love something, she will not let it go and even going to fight to get it. Whatever obstacle she faces, she will not give up for it.

Every married woman has the opportunity to be a mother. Ony the woman was entrusted baby into her womb because she is able to control and keep it. Mother is special woman, is we hurt her then we get big sin. Don't hurt a woman because it is the same to hurt our mother and sisters. Don't humiliate a woman because it is the same to humiliate of our mom and sisters. A woman should get respect, protection, and cherished. If she did mistake, then forgive her and guide her to the truth.

A woman is the soul of all the beauty conditioning, physical as well as her heart. If we close to her we feel peaceful and comfortable. So that we should keep the hearts of woman, respect her beauty and honor and protect her existence.


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