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Monday, 25 February 2013

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Friend ...

I have many friends in my life and my heart. Friend is one who knows us completely. Understand our situation and understand our shortcomings. Friend is a person who always support us when we are sad or happy, pain or difficulty, shortage or excess. Friend is a person who always loves us as we are. Friend are always besides us when we need or not.

Friends are always giving us the support and motivation. Friend is one who knows our situation completely. Friend are always beside us when we go forward, healthy and happy. And also will never abandon us when falling, pain or difficulty. He will always accompany us and always give us support to rise from adversity.

Friend is a person to make a share about life, love, and everything so we can life better than before. Friend is a person who always reminded us always to do good. Friend is a person who always reminded us not to do worst. He always forgive our mistakes if we err. Friend always understood our condition and accept us as we are.

Friend is a person who would never hurt us. Friend will never force something that does not wanted by us. But friend provides guidance and support. Friends are always guarded her chastity, always keeping friendship sincerity.

To me a friend is someone who is always there for me any time. He always kept friendly relations. Not easily offended if his friend made a mistake and an oversight. We always maintain harmonious relationships. We will not take advantage of each others for a self-interest. Friends are always doing everything with sincerity. I'm as a friend always promised to be sincere do everything to support my friend.

Friends are everything in my life to me. Friends are always close even though physically far away but close to hearts.
To all my friends, do not ever leave or terminate our friendship. While your friend is making a mistake. To me forgiveness is more better than the left.

To my friends who may have hurt by me. Forgive me as your friend's. Since there is no intention for it.
Keep always our relationship and always be together to share the good every where, every time and every day.

Thank you to all my friends. Because of you I find it is more meaningful to life.

I love you sincerely

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