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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

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"God create us with the heart", that I got quote from my friend. We have a mind and heart, that excess are given by God for us. Mind to think and heart to organize our thought. The life can be affected by peace of heart and mind greatly. People who have a heart will be able to appreciate, honor, cherish and share with others.

Heart can deliver a feeling of love and admiration for something. Heart can cause a sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Heart can give love and hate feelings, sad and happy. The mood can change according to what happening. If we feel satisfaction to something so our hearts feel good. But otherwise if we feel not satisfied to something then our heart will feel sad or even hate toward it. 

The heart can lead to feelings of love. Love is a thin line between passion and sincerity. Usually love because of the admiration, love starts from the physical and outward appearance. So many people are deceived by love. Love can be felt by everyone who has a heart. They have hearts so that they will not hurt each other. They will care about the surroundings.

Love can be given to anyone and anything. Love to parents, love to husband, love to family and the love to friends. But the very essence of love is the love of God. As we know that love for human beings is appearance of love. That love can exist and can be lost. If the people who we love are apostate, so we feel the pain of heart and a feeling of love will be lost. Sometimes love to humans is lust. But it will be a good love if our love is base on love for God.

Feelings of love creates a feeling of longing to them, feeling happy, cheerful, and always want to be with them everytimes. Feelings of love can give passion in life. Because people who loved are loved by them too. But because of love can make hatred, hurt and no passion in life. This happens because of the betrayal in love.Humans have feelings of love, then anyone would be able to love and be loved. There is no prohibition in love, because love is a gift to all human. 

People who are in love is very difficult to express his feelings. Because there is a fear to not accepted, fear to hate, or fear that she will leave him. Feelings of love can be given to anyone. Do not let bury love for someone, even if it is impossible. Love does not have to have each other. Sincere love for her is enough. Love should be expressed directly even though it was painful because the way did not allow.

As we know that feeling of love is only to our partner. But the feeling of love can be given to anyone and anything. With the love we will always try to keep it. With the love we will always try to provide the best for her. Although we can not have her. And never cover up feelings of love.

For me, the feeling of love is the gift from God's that is priceless. There is a sense of love cause of peace and harmony in the life. Then how lucky they are, who made the heart has a love. Because we live in the presence of love, at least love to God, love to parents who always give us the best for everyething. And never bury of Love, although it is impossible and be hurt. But believe in God for everythings can happen.

And Thank for All that who had give love for me...

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