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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

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I had written this post in bahasa in 2010. Now I write again in English.

I had Ever read a book that titled "Breakhtrough Thinking" written by four teams (Eko S, Joy K, Anthony WS and Ronni S) from Indonesia. This book is really good. Discussing about the people who think analytically and creatively. In this book also explained that “Being innovative is a choice”. Nothing is wrong between analytically and creatively. Analytical thinking or creative thinking is needed in daily life, especially we have both.

In everyday life, we know that we must be able to recognize our potential and our character, so that we can maximize what we have. Although it is difficult for those who do not recognize themselves. Sometimes I often think that “Who am I, what potential that I have, and what potential that I can develop”. But on the other hand I can recognize my own potential so that I can focus to develop it for further.

In our life, we always have many problem, we never be separated from the problem. Problems can come from our minds that make the problem becomes complicated. Furthermore, the problem based on how we think, determine and respond to that problem. How do we react it, whether we will be dissolved on that problem, or whether we make that problem as a force to be better in the future.

This book describes some of the characteristics being creative thinking, such as
1. Imaginative
2. Curiosity
3. Critical
4. Dare to take risks
5. Sensitive to environmental situations
6. Accept critism from other
7. Able to articulate ideas
8. Generally, unable to work in scheduled

Some characteristics of analytical thinking are:
1. Systematic thinking
2. Discipline
3. Think in a logical
4. Organized
5. Thorough and focus on the details of the problem
6. Awkward
7. Take a long time to decide

In this book show two people name are Cerdi and Cerda. Cerdi has the creative thinking and Cerda has analytic thinking. Cerdi has ideas that appear suddenly while Cerda always analyze the ideas of what is likely to happen, so he looks slower. But neither of them is wrong, if controlled properly. When they did cooperate in preparation of the event, Cerda always required that Cerdi must gave idea on schedule. But Cerdi didn’t do it, because his idea can not appear suddenly.

There is a third person whose innovative thinking, he has an innovation and has vision (visionary). He requires creative ideas and vision to run the analytical. So, He took Cerda and Cerdi to gave their idea. This innovative people can control both, he knows the conditions and circumstances in which the Cerda needed and where the Cerdi needed. He was able to combine the two ideas.

This book tell us that ”Innovative is a Choice.” People who think innovative are more mature than people who think creatively or analytically. According to Mitchell Ditkoff, there are some characteristics of the innovative thinking, such as

1. Curiousity
2. Self Accepting
3. Self motivated
4. Peripatetic
5. Visionar
6. Humorous
7. Takes risk
8. Reflectives
9. Resilient
10. Persevering

I think from what I had read, innovative thinking is a combination of creative thinking and analytical thinking. Combined analytical and creative nature is needed to solve the problem more effective. This book also explains how to find creative ideas and use the tools of problem solving such as SWOT analysis, effectiveness and efficiency analysis, financial impact analysis, and many more.

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