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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

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Now I invite you to know my lovely hometown Bukittinggi. Indonesia has 34 provinces and there are five big islands: Sumatera, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi and Irian (Papua).  In the west side is Sumatera Island and here is my province, West Sumatera. Padang is capital city of west Sumatera. This island is around by hills, mountain and valley. More forest growth on this island. All citizens are moslem in here and we are called as Minang people. Padang and Bukittinggi were distance about 89,7 km. We will face more beautiful view in the journey. Hiils, waterfall, valley and forest and sometime monkey hang on around there. It needs about two into three hours from Padang to Bukittinggi. 

Bukittinggi is known as twin city with Seremban city, Malaysia. There are more Minang people also because Minang people prefer to migrate to another province for challenge their life.  Bung Hatta was Indonesian first vice-president was born in Bukittinggi. In June 1948 until December 1949, Bukittinggi was designated as the capital of the emergency government of the Republic of Indonesia after Yogyakarta fell into Dutch.  

Bukittinggi is well known as tourist town and more tourist from other country come here to visit my lovely hometown. Let me introduce the tourist town in Bukittinggi :

1. Jam Gadang

It is known as zero point of Bukittinggi city, the central of Bukittinggi. It was built at 1926 by Yazid Sutan Gigi Ameh. Jam Gadang is a clock tower with a height of 26 m and a baseline measure approximately 13 m x4 m. It has four clocks with diameter 80 cm for each clock, and clock are located at the top of the tower. The clocks were imported directly from Rotterdam, Netherlands when Dutch colonialism in Indonesia and the engine is mechanically, it was produced by the engine that was made only two units in the world, it were namely the Jam Gadang and Big Ben in London, England. The legend said that the cost to build it is about 3000 Gulden.  The top of Jam Gadang, first time it looks like circle and there is a statue of a rooster. When Japan occupied Bukittinggi, they changed into a temple top. After independence, it changed in to form of top Minangkabau house (Rumah Gadang).

(for more information, pleae visit Jam Gadang)

2. Kebun Binatang Kinantan dan Taman Bundo Kanduang 

Near from Jam Gadang, we can visit Kebun Binatang Kinantan and Taman Bundo Kanduang. Kebun Binatag Kinantan is zoo that has more save animals live here, such as camel and elephants from middle east country, monkeys, apes, gorillas, tiger, lions, snakes, birds, etc. Taman Bundo Kanduang is beautiful garden, in the middle is traditional house of Minangkabau, Rumah Gadang. Cost for building this place was about 800 Gulden in Dutch Colonial.

3. Fort De Kock
The first time it was called as Stherrescant fortress. This fortress was built by Dutch colonial in 1825 while it was Paderi war in Minangkabau. It has 20 m height and four small cannon for warfare at each corner. It is white building and now this place for tourist specially, more sport game such as flying fox and trampoline for outbound. This place is so green with grass and it has fresh and cool weather.  

4. Jembatan Limpapeh
This is a bridge that is connecting the Kinantan Zoo and Fort de Kock. This bridge is above of Ahmad Yani Street and Kampung China (a small town are almost people live here are Chinese). In the middle of  bridge is a building like Minangkabau traditional house.

5. Lobang Jepang
This is a relic of history from Japan colony. It was built in 1942 useful for Japan defense in Second World War. It has 1,4 km hole length and 2 m hole width. It is so dark, but when you want to enter here,  you will give lamps or flashlight. At there more room, torture room, weapons room, and room for cooking. It has more gateway that spread in Bukittinggi city, such as in Taman Panorama, Ngarai Sianok and Tria Arga (Bung Hatta palace).

6. Taman Panorama
It is a garden with beautiful panorama. It location is at Panorama Street and near from Jam Gadang as well. We can see Sianok Canon and river from here. This place is connecting with Lobang Jepang. In front of Panorama we can visit Tri Daya Ekadarma Museum.

7. Tri Daya Ekadarma Museum
It is a museum that shows equipment of war and photos of our hero while against colony. In front of building we can see a plane statue. It location is Panorama Street in front of PDAM office.

8. Istana Bung Hatta (Tri Arga)
It is the Bung Hatta palace, but it is not like palace, we just call it as palace. More event or celebration are held here, such as traditional dance, Saluang, and more traditional art of Minangkabau.

9. Bung Hatta House Birth
It is a home birth of Bung Hatta our first vice-president. It is near from traditional market in Bukittingi. In the room we can find more historical heritage about Bung Hatta, photos, hansom, room, and many more classic equipment. 

10. Janjang Ampek Puluah
It is  a stage that has 40 steps so that why its name is Janjang Ampek Puluah means forty stage. This stage is connecting between traditional market (Pasar Bawah) and tourist market (Pasar Atas).  Along the way of stage, we can find more beautiful painting and souvenir.

11. Ngarai Sianok
Its is a tourist place in central of Bukittinggi city. The beautiful view and river here. It is a canyon that has 200 m width and 15 km length and 100 m hight. Around of canyon are high edge and near from here we can visit Janjang Saribu.

12. Janjang Saribu
It is stage that has almost thousand step so that why its name is Janjang Saribu it means thousand stages. This is natural place and we can see monkeys hang on around here. The first time this place used for people around here to bring water from river. And, now this place is suitable for camping.

13. Pasar Atas and Pasar Bawah
This is famous market in Bukittinggi. The Pasar Atas mean The Above Market, because it location are above than Pasar Bawah. This market sells more things such as clothes, shoes,  and beautiful traditional Minangkabau souvenir. We can see Jam Gadan from here. And, Pasar Bawah means The Below Market. And, Pasar Bawah is traditional market for daily needs. Besides Janjang Ampek Puluah, there are Pasar Lereng to connecting Pasar Bawah and Pasar Atas. 

14. Pasar Aur Kuning.
This is a market and big grocery in Bukittinggi. More tourist come here to buy clothes, shoes and other souvenir.

15. Puncak Lawang.
It is a top of Bukittinggi. People said that this place is the highest place. We can see beautiful view and if we look in below, we can see Maninjau lake. Here is more outbound game like flying fox and trampoline. This place is suit for camping. This location is about 28 km and it needs 30-50 minute from Bukittinggi. More plants growth here. And, we can feel fresh and cool air.

16. The Great Wall of Koto Gadang.
It location is near in Ngarai Sianok and Janjang Saribu. It imitate a great wall of China. It was built on 2013. We can see beautiful view from here, Ngarai Sianok and Janjang Saribu. 

17. Bukit Takuruang 

It means like a caged hill because it only one hill in the middle and there are trees on top. There are caferesto and cottages with beautiful and natural view.

That some of tourist place in my hometown. And, if you want to visit and enjoy this place you need a week to stay here. And next time I ll share about tourist place in other city in my province.

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