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Sunday, 13 July 2014

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Now I share a bit my experience in work field. We realize that more obstacles that we face in the work field. There are more reactions, they can stand and survive or they cannot stand and survive even give up because they don't feel comfortable with uncertain condition at work field. When you face overload of work in your office, may you shock and confuse which one is the first time to do. In this case, we should make scale of work priority.

When we make work priority, we should consider both in term urgency, important, ability, knowledge and needs or other factors affecting the work. There are four scale of work priority that we will be done base on urgency and important the work.
  1. Priority 1 : There has high urgency and high importance of work, we must finish
    this work first and not delay. We select the work base on time between when it was entry and when it must be submitted (deadline). If there has a short time, then it includes in this priority.
  2. Priority 2 : There has low urgency and high importance of work, we should review or reschedule the work, then we finish it in productive time until it becomes high priority.
  3. Priority 3 : There has high urgency, but low importance of work, we should plan this work first. Usually it comes from other department or other client. We can reject if it disturbs the main work and our productivity.
  4. Priority 4 : There has low urgency and low importance of work. We should do in the last priority after three priority before finished. Even we can deny or reject and wait until we have the right time to do.
My experience in Human Resource while I worked at industry, when an employee got an accident, then HR team must do its job at that time to bring an employee go to hospital, even HR do first aid to help that employee. Don't forget call hospital first and after employee enter a hospital, we should prepare what hospital needs, such as employee ID card, a covering letter for hospital, etc. After that, HR and relevant department should prepare replacements employee for no occurs missing productivity. This case includes in priority 1.

Making overtime report, claim and benefit report, incentives report or all about financial that employee receive in salary, this work is high importance, but it has periodically to be urgent. Then, we can reschedule and review this work until it becomes high urgency. This case includes in priority 2.

When other department ask a HR member of team to give list of employee data whose relevant with them. This work has high priority because they ask and need at that time, even they want to get it directly, but it is not important for us. If this work disturbs our productivity and our main work, we can reject or delay it until we finish the main work. This case includes in priority 3.

In the weekend, our partner ask to join for dinner and recreation. This work has low urgency and low importance. If we must do overtime and we have other importance work, so we can reject or wait until the right time. Even we can avoid this work. This case includes in priority 4.

There are some steps to decide work priority :
  1. Creating all the list of work at that day. Specify when the work was entry and when the work must be submitted, it needs a short time or long time of deadline.
  2. Consider our knowledge about the work, we have skill or not to finish the work, or we must begin to learn it, then it needs a long time to do.
  3. Consider our ability to finish the work, we understand or not about the work,  it will relate to error and missing of work affecting our productivity.
  4. Consult and discuss with our boss or clients relevant with the work.
  5. Give point close to zero if it has low priority and point close to 10 if it has high priority.
  6. Then to give good result, we map the priority of the work into the work table, as follows :

We should know our ability and our knowledge about the work, and to make priority is depend on us and the habit on doing the work. And, if we confuse, should consult and discuss with them. If we can do it all properly, we will satisfied for what we have done and our customer will be satisfied about the result.
Hope this article is useful.



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