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Sunday, 13 July 2014

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The last article, I shared about multitasking. We discuss that what multitasking is, how multitasking is done and what the effect of multitasking to work, it is will be negative or positive effect. How lucky they are if they are able to do multitasking, then they can reduce working time without reduce their productivity of work. But if they are not able to do multitasking, this effect is negative to work such as wasting time and reduce productivity of work.

The first time, we may though that multitasking reduce our working time, but it is not always correct. We have limited ability and we need high concentration to do activity, then the effect that multitasking doesn't save working time, but it will wasting working time. Can you imagine when you have high concentration make report, you get calling from your client that force you to answer them. You need time until 20 minutes concentration to continue your work before. So, you waste your time about 20 minutes continue and finish your report.

When you are in a meeting with clients, suddenly you get message and you open it, although you interrupt meeting to read email for a minute, you will lose some topic in meeting. Even you ask your partner what meeting talking about. Surely it will disturb your partner concentration while meeting.

In a research by Joshua Rubinstein, Ph.D., David Meyer, Ph.D. and Jefrey Evans, Ph.D,  they said multitasking is obstacle for employees to have good productivity because of wasting time. Although our brain is greater than computer, but we only have limited ability to do work. Computer is able to do more activity and open different application in same time because it has been designed to do like that.

Multitasking is useful for simple or small activity such as watching television while eating, singing while do shower, etc. I have experience that I need high concentration while making salary report of employee, but suddenly my boss asked me to do other report that he thoughT that it is more important than salary report because of urgent. I left my first report and I made my boss's report. While doing that work, suddenly other department asked to give new report about productivity of employee because they would make incentive report for salary. Then, I should stop making two old report. And, can you imagine how can I get back to finish my old report, I need more time to get high concentration to avoid from error. Here is wasting time again and even low productivity if I did error. Only positive thinking that made me survive with this activity. I thought this is challenging for me in work field and I should pass it properly and give good performance for company.

If we face this condition every day in working, it can give negative effect for our productivity and even for our healthy. It can reduce our productivity, wasting time and even we always make the repeated error or mistakes. We will break our healthy and we get depression because of work.

From any source that I read, here is some tips to avoid multitasking:
  1. While we are reading and making report, we should far from internet connection or social media that is not related to our work.
  2. We shouldn't eat in work table because it can break our mind to get rest, we will remember about our duty and even we will stop for eating and continue to work.
  3. Every day, we must make daily list job and give sign which one is high priority and which one is not to finish it.
  4. We must focus and do on high priority of work.
  5. We should get rested for 15 minutes in the morning or in the evening.
  6. We must use tools or application that can help easy to work.

If we are not usual to multitasking, so leave it and focus on some work and avoid for something that can disturb our concentration. We start from high priority of work then continue to the next priority.

Hope this article is useful for us.



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