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Thursday, 27 November 2014

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Previously, I have been posting an article about "Decide to Priority of Work". Perform the job according to priorities to achieve the target that we want. We should smart to classify the time and not delay the time to do that job because it will force us to pay more about time, energy, quiet life even financial that shouldn't be there.

Every human being has a laziness, but some people are able to control and some are not. Laziness looks like a friend of evil and actually we should eliminate it. The procrastination of activity or job is a kind of laziness. It looks like the saving of stress. Sometime we underestimate a small job and take assumption it is easy to do, so we always delay it later. That job may be forgotten and without knowing it is in deadline. Its will be accumulated and made it rush to do. Then, there are many errors and inconvenience of doing it.

From my experience, I ever delayed my job and underestimate it, I thought it is not important to do directly. And, make many reasons to delay job defensively. Sometime we are wrong assumption to think that it is not too important, but ignore the fact that job maybe will be necessary and important later. Sometime we often do not fair at work such as gossiping and talking with our colleague, or taking breakfast/lunch during working time or other activity that shouldn't do at working time. So that all jobs should be done will be abandoned. When a boss asks it results, but we have not finished it yet, then we will get stressed and anxiety, the result will not be maximum, then we will get negative points from the boss.

Imam Al Ghazali said that “Procrastination of activity that we should do it now is looking like a mental blindness “. The procrastination is a form of trickery our desire to make mistakes and this is wanted by the devil.

The more negative impact from procrastination such as stress, uncontrolled emotion, anxiety, and no self-confidence, losing trust from other because we couldn't meet their demand, less attention to the environment and family and even finances will be reduced. Can you imagine if we delay to pay tax, then we get punished to pay for the fine.

There are more things that I often do to ignore procrastination my activity and job such as setting up the schedule to achieve target, I make priorities on it. Be confidence and convince about it that able to finish it properly and correctly. We should give appreciation to ourselves if it's well-done so that we get motivated to do next jobs. Brave and ignore the negative whisper and just focus on target that we must achieve.

Let's ...since today ignores procrastination all activities and jobs because its will give a negative impact for us. When we get the opportunity to do a job or activity, we shouldn't delay it, but we should do it right now. If we delay it, many negative impact will come, but if we are able to finish jobs on time and accurately, so many positive things come to us.

By MEYF ^_^

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