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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

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I want to share a bit about my experience and may your experience as well. I am sure that you faced this before in your life. Did you think that other people is better than yourself, or other opinion is more important than your opinion, or you confuse to decide something? Surely you have passed this even. We are social’s life and we always interact with other people and even we are a center of their attention.

When we are move to other place, from small city to big city, we feel different condition and social’s life. In big city, we will face more attractive social’s life and modern information and technology and also curious about it. I think everyone will be tempted about modern life there. But the matter is how strong we are that be able to survive  in a condition that doesn't allow us to follow it all. 

A man was allowed by his parents to study and pursuit his dream in a big city, then he must responsible and do it right as his parents wish. He will face new life, new condition and new environment. He will be independent living and far from his family, may he will get hard for adaptation with new environment and even it will not match his life before.  He will face more temptation that influence his mind and his social’s life. It is so lucky if he can consider between negative and positive influence, he can filter which one is good, and unfortunately if he takes all these influences, then he break his purpose and family wishes before. So, he must has faith and focus on his goal to study in big city, then he will far from negative influences, even he is able to hold his lust to have expensive items or things that are not supposed to be held today. Indeed, at this age is his time to find identity his life, to get prestige and perfect life that they see only in term of material. But for student who has a clear purpose is able to see condition and decide what decent and right for his life.
When a boss gains the trust from his company to manage and work his duty properly. The great and confidence boss will not easy to get influence by other. He will not influence about negative issues by his staff, he will not humiliate to take advantage and things that are not his. A wise and great boss will be able to consider and decide which one is good or bad to do, even he is able to influence his employee to be great employee and do work with honest and responsibility.

People who have trust to his friend will not be easy to be influenced by other bad opinion about his friend because he trusts and be able to choose and consider positive and negative view about his friend. An employee always worries people's view about her life. She always asks opinion and suggestion about her acts and her needs, even other doesn't know her needs, just because of fear about gossip, then she is not respect to herself as a great person.

More effort we can do to break away from influence of other. The first, the self-confident, this shows that we have ability to do everything with our potential that we have. If we have self-confident for every action, then we will difficult to be influenced by other. The second, be familiar ourselves, if we know well who we are, what our purpose is, how our potential is, then we are able to choose and decide which one is decent influence will be accepted and rejected. We can read motivation and inspirational book, we can watch motivation and inspirational video to explore and be familiar with our potential.

The third, think that ourselves is so important, it means always give full attention for ourselves to act, talk and positive attitude. Then, other opinion about us is only second choices. This view is not mean selfish, but just think that we are able to share goodness for other by ourself.

The fourth is trainee ourself be a manager, this is not mean we must apply to be a manager in a company, but in our daily activity we must be able to manage our time, manage our activity, manage our financial even trivial things and the most important is able to decide something that not give bad effect for us and other in same time. The fifth, appreciate the environment as form of learning so that we are able to explore our potential to join with social’s life. More things that we can do to far away from influence of other that gives negative effect for our life.
The fact we cannot remove the influence of other or the influence of environment because every character and social's life has more variation and may give positive effect for us. But it depends on us how to view, filter and choose the good influences and throw away the bad influences that just waste our opportunity to be great person.

So, can we do it??? The answer is YES WE CAN!!!
All decision is in our hand.


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