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Monday, 18 August 2014

Info Post
Nowadays, Internet is not a luxurious thing like before. All people need internet and it is a prime needs and it cannot separate with their job and their life. There are more advantages and disadvantages in using internet and it depends on the user, but it is great if we use internet and social media to share knowledge and positive information that can help and not confusing other.

In using social media, it always related with profile account of user. That is good if we use own profile and not use fake profile to disguise for specific purpose. When we use own profile, we must care in publishing our status on wallpost. Also, we must care when we publish the performance of our privacy profile at there because it shows about ourselves in front of all people around the world, although we know them or not.
In other condition, some top university will hunt prospective students to accept scholarship by seeing account profile in social media. And, some top company will hunt account profile of prospective employee in social media, are they appropriate to recruit or not.

Just share experience with some user of social media about Linkedin. May Linkedin is not familiar like facebook, twitter, google+, so just limited people make account in this social media. Linkedin is useful for professional people for selling themselves for professional job or good network. In here, other company or university or other top management will see them to be recruit as employee or to make relation at work. Here is more top company or top university from local and international. How lucky we are, if we can join here and make relation with them.  Here we must show our profile with elegant and professional. Even the performance of our profile in Linkedin looks like curriculum vitae in applying jobs.

More positive side from this social media, especially for professional management and also student for purposing to get reference and information about job and business. If we open full our professional profile here, it means we give other chance to see our profile here for people who we know and even not.  And don't be angry to them if they see it because it is their right. And, in this social Linkedin, we are able to know who's view our profile.

I have met an even the last time, the users in Linkedin was angry because of their profile account was seen by someone who they didn't know. This was not the mistake who viewed their profile. And, the professional users shouldn't have positive thinking about this.
By social media Linkedin, the Headhunter will hunt professional and top people to recruit be employee in the top company. This is positive for the user of Linkedin, but negative for the company where a user works because their best employee is hijacked by other company. By this social media, may you will receive interview or job offer from other company or cooperation offer form other professional people. And, don't be confusing or shock if we get it even we never apply for them. This all is effect of social media. So, we must care to choose, use, and even publish post there  and we always make it for positive purpose.


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