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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

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Before I work in the education field, I worked at multinational company. Many lessons and experience that I learned as long as work there. I started to work in the multinational company while I was studying at the fourth level of bachelor degree. In general, many people thought that mathematician graduates only as a teacher or lecturer and even works at the company will not far from mathematics field. I didn't do it, I tried to break that perception and choose to working in the other field that I never knew before. I worked at HR field. Usually, as a mathematics graduates should work and manage the numbers, but in this area manages the human. At first, I felt stress and discomfort with this zone, but I tried to think out of the box that I should believe and got courage that I can do this job properly. Then, finally I engaged in this field for more than five years.

There are many reasons why people do the work according to the field of education during in college. It is solely to get the right job situation and comfortable doing the job. But will we be courage to work out of our field? Will we take the chance in front of us that is not necessarily comfortable. There are some people will be courage to doing it, work out of the comfort zone, but some are not.

What is comfort zone? Alasdair White (2008) said that comfort zone is a mental activity in which a person keeps himself from anxiety by using behaviors to create a stable performance and usually there is no courage to take risks. All people has different comfort zone and they have different ability to get out from it, some have the courage and some are not.

During I worked at company, I faced more  employees who have worked more than 20 years, but they still was at the same position since the beginning. They said that they feel worry to get out of their work zone because of family, difficult to find new job and also worry of getting ridicule others. We should focus that get out of the comfort zone doesn't mean that get out from the company and find other new job. But we should be able to do unusual work. Maybe we will get a lot of ridicule or criticism from others, but it is up to us how to respond it. Whether we will carry on doing it or not with confidence and determination that we are capable to doing it. We know that people in general always look at the negative side without seeing the positive side from us. So, we should be able to stay focused on target to achieved and ignore the negative thinking.

The other hand, I faced an employee who previously position as a staff with fairly high salary, but he felt stuck and decided to resign then get new job in other company with high position as manager. He boldly decided to get out of his comfort zone as a staff and take risks as a manager and might not necessarily to be able to doing work properly. As we know that the higher position at work has the higher risk (out of salary).

Comfort zone can be expanded with a new experience, but sometimes the process is not easy and even painful. We should be able to fall and get up to expand the zones. Many people are just stuck in a job and fear of being out of comfort zone. Nearly decades working at the same field and same position. But we should know that comfort zone is very dangerous. If we still stay at this zone, then we will not grow and improve our hidden potential and talent. If we decide to be success, there are no reasons to not get out from our comfort zone, such as age gender, religion, marital status, position or any matter.

From my experiences, I had been working in a multinational company with a good salary and comfortable of working conditions, I ventured to go out looking for a new job in another company with different HR sections. When I proposed a resign letter, my boss refused it and provide more very tempting options. But I ignored it and I decide go out of my comfort zone that is not necessarily able to deal with me. Believe, courage, confidence and self-evaluation are some of the key to get out from comfort zone, so I have its and I could change myself. Potential and capability is depend on us who run this life and other people can be wrong in perceiving us.

We know that every place has different experiences and from this experiences teach us how to think big and brave to face of life. We should venture out of our comfort zone and ignore all of the negative whisper that frustrate us to recognize our potential. If we get new opportunity to try new things, so take it and don't ignore it. Just be confidence, take high intention, positive thinking and smart to recognize and use our potential so that we will be success to pass it.

by MEYF ^_^

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