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Thursday, 21 February 2013

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I share this article again, because suddenly I remember my lovely sister.

I hate hospital, I hate the doctors and the nurses. It remind me about my sister. I have one young brother and one young sister. My age and my sister’s age are very close. The difference is only one year and ten month.

Since kid, we were never separated and always the same in every way, same use good clothes,  same use shoes and others. She's smarter and more intelligent than me. Since elementary school, she always be a champion in her class. Junior and senior high school also always be champion in study.

She has a lot of excess. She's smarter, more patient, has a white skin, have kind heart and talkactive. She was also active in the school. We both graduated in the top universities in Indonesia at Depok. We were both students invitation at there (enter without university test). I was majoring in math and she is in computer science, despite the fact she wanted medical school (to be a doctor). I also have a younger brother. He's the youngest child and very spoiled. He's smart and creative. But sometimes he is a lazy boy. I graduated from college in 4 years. I am working directly on one of the foreign companies that produce soft drink (beverages) in west Java. In June, 2007. 

At 2007, my sister was sick, she went to the campus clinic, one of the special clinics for students college. But the pain continued, until at the end of the year 2007 she was verdicted to suffer a malignant tumor of the lymph.  She got a surgery, but the surgery is fail.

In February, 2008 she got a radiotherapy and continued with chemotherapy. But it was fail too. Until she passed away on 12th September, 2008 after she got 7th chemotherapy. As long as she got sick, she never complaint and always be patient. She taugh and strong. She was always eager to recover from illness. Never forget pray, never give up and keep calm. I love her very much as my sister. During her lifetime, she always give me spirit for everything. We had a dream. We had a big dream. Although we never do it together. I hope, I can do it. I can reach our dream. Amin

She wrote a first letter that I found ( She told about her feeling after surgery, and finally she knew the doctor fail to do it. She always eager to get health from illness. She wanted to continued her college. She wanted to meet her friends. She told that, “My dream became a doctor, although not reached, I’ve been in a doctor’s environment for a long time.” I sad to hear that.

She left a second letter ( She told that she proud of her friends who had graduated as a computer scientist. “Pray for me that I will soon follow you. Amin.” She also said thank to lecturer, friends, and others who  help us at that time.

However, her dream to follow her friend is not reach. She passed away on September 12, 2008, Friday morning on Ramadhan. She passed away in holy month and all her friends at campuss did Ghaib Prayer for her after Jummah prayer at the mosque. We miss her so much. We miss her smile, her laughter, her cry, her smart and her humor. Now she stand beside God. I always get motivation from her. I always say “KEEP IT UP and GO AHEAD” to other. Because without it we can’t do anything.

Furthermore, my brother go on her dream. Now he studied at Computer Science in Jakarta. We miss her so much. She had a quite life beside God.

Because of her, I always just wanna say KEEP IT UP and GO AHEAD others.

Love you My Sister...^_^
My Lovely Sister

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arslan lone said...

i want to say some .... but my letters are not with me ...... it's priceless

arslan lone said...

i want to say some .... but my letters are not with me ... it's priceless