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Friday, 7 February 2014

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Sleep...All vertebrates need to sleep include human. When we feel tired after doing some activity, the best rest is sleep. While we are sleeping, our condition is less consciously or unconsciously and less activity in our body. Nerves and muscles are not more activity and also rest. Sleep is recurring natural condition to be done by vertebrates. Duration of sleep depend on some factors, there are genders, age, healthy, stamina/immune system and mental activity.

Believe or not, sleep is the most important to do and it is the most important daily need after air and water. Based a research, if we don't do enough sleep or we often don't do sleep can decrease immune system and resulting the risk of death.

Generally, the newborn baby needs to sleep about 16 hours per day, baby at age of 6 months needs to sleep about 13 hours per day. Then, in adolescence needs to sleep about 9 hours per day. Then, in adulthood needs 7-8 hours per day. So increasing age of diminishing of sleeping time. If we count ideal sleeping time of adult about 8 hours per day, it means one-third day or about 33,3% our time in a day for sleeping. And, about one-third of our lifetime for sleeping. It shows that how sleeping is so important for us.

However, we cannot be able to sleep in ideal time. Even we often sleep less than 5 hours and more than 8 hours. It can cause negative effect to us especially for our health and our environment. For example, when we drive a car while feeling sleepy, it gives a chance to get accidents and it harms for ourselves and others.

I often sleep in not ideal time, even sleep less than 6 hours per day and sometime moe 8 hours per day. Its look like revenge less time to sleep.  The effect, I feel bad in my health. I cannot control my emotion and hard to concentrate. My routines are decrease and so easy feel tired. And, even I often drink caffeine beverage like coffee to get more energy and spirit to do activity. Surely it is not good for my health if I often drink it.

There are more advantages to sleep in ideal time:

  • Sleep can refresh our body after doing activity. Enough sleep is the same as like to do exercise properly. During sleeping, our muscle will be more relax and rest from work. Tissue and cell recovery  process occurs very quickly, so that why if we have injury in our body, sleeping is good to recovery it. We feel refresh after awake and have more energy and spirit to do activity.
  • Sleep can improve our memory and concentration to think and do activity. While we are sleeping, our mind has the chance to repair damage neurons or brain cells. Sleep is heating of our brain to prepare do more activity. In addition, as well as our memory, brain will arrange or compile all of data in mind and can find more solution in cases. When we face cases, we feel dizzy and confuse how to find solutions, then sleeping for a bit and our memory will be ready to think and solve it.
  • Sleep help our blood produce hormone. While we are sleeping, our body get more relax and it affects our blood stream flows smoothly. Then, hormone can produce properly in our blood.
  • Sleep makes brighter skin. While we are sleeping, our blood stream flows smoothly in our body, Metabolisme level is quickly and more cell will increase and damage of protein will decrease. So when we have enough sleep especially at night can make brighter and beauty for our skin. And, dark circle in our eyes will not occur.
  • Sleep increase our immune system. During sleeping, improved our body cells and increased our immune system and certainly some protein as well. For example, the cancer immune system, Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF) is pumped through the blood during sleeping and it can help body to resist of infection. Sleeping less than 7 hours per day is also vulnerable to the flu. 
  • Sleep decrease blood pressure. During sleeping, decrease some activity and our mind will be calm then blood pressure will decrease. During sleeping the normal blood pressure will reduce approximately 20% - 30% and heartbeat will reduce about 10% - 20%, so we will avoid from coronary heart, stroke and diabetes.
  • Sleep decrease our body weight. During sleeping, metabolism function and brain function still do activity. It will be highest metabolism and it burns calory in our body. Besides that if we don't sleep in ideal time will be impact to produce hormone balance and will influences our feeling to eat food.
There are more advantages of sleeping in ideal time for our health.

So use our time as good as possible to sleep and do some activity.

How Islam view about sleeping. 
All activity is managed in Islam just purpose is solely as good for our life. In Al Qur'an, we are told to sleep. In Surah Al FurQaan ayah 47: “And it is He who has made the night for you as clothing and sleep [a means for] rest and has made the day a resurrection.”

Sleep is encouraged in Islam, because it giving good advantages to our health. Even sleep can be worship and if we sleep in accordance with sunnah of our prophet Muhammad SAW.  He didn't like sleep after shubuh prayer and before Isya prayer. The time after fajr is beginning of the day, more sustenance will come to us. In a hadith narrated by Abu Barzah RA that the Prophet hated sleeping before Isha and talking afterwards. (Bukhari and Muslim 568 647). Because of  the fear of missing the time of Isha prayer if we sleep. However, some ulama (scholars) think sleeping before Isha allow special only in Ramadhan.

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