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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

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I read a short story from a book “Soulburger – The Taste of Pure Inspiration”. There was a Kaiser asked a lazy man to explore any area as his ability then the area would be given to him. After long time, he could explore the big area, then one day he was dying and nearly death. A man realized that why he had forced his self too hard to have possession the land area for two meters.

From the short story above, we can get more learning on it. We are a creator God and we only live for a short time in this earth, we just live for a while. Maybe for a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, a few months or even a few years longer. This is a mystery and nobody knows how long we will live here. Even a doctor’s prediction about age of patient was wrong.

From the song lyric of Raihan tell that we must remember about five things, 1. Healthy before the illness comes, 2. Young before the old comes, 3. Rich before the poor comes, 4. Wide before the narrow comes, and 5. Life before the death comes. We must do maximum to fill positive for a chance in front of us before loose and regret it. We have a chance not to waste it for bad things, but for the goodness that give advantages for us and other to live in this earth and afterlife.

We live like borrow money for specific purpose. And, it depends on us, how to use it, what for it will be used, and how the way to use it. Whether we will be able to double it as our investment for the future or maybe we will be looses and have more other loan. We live in this earth like a guess or a settled foreigner that must go back to hometown. And, when we go back to hometown, surely we have the savings and investment live there.  It is the same with our life, we were given by God the opportunity to settle a few moments at a time in this earth, we must collect more charity, goodness, and do God commands to us for investment. If we will go back to Him, we have more savings to life in the afterlife.

When we live afterlife, money, position and power that we had will not be useful. We usually force ourselves to reach it and sometime we don’t realize that its are only a pleasure in this earth and will not be lasting. There is no wrong on it, but we must remember there is eternal life after death. God asks us to work and do goodness, never ignore to think for life after death. The successful on earth will be loose after we go back to small land area. But one of the eternal things never loose for our saving afterlife are the charity, the useful knowledge and the prayer of a righteous child.

Bill Stricland, an American people who successful change management of social foundation. He told that “Whether we are appropriate to save million dolars for life, it is not guarantee for prosperous life, but the experience of life is more valuable than it”.
Our purpose is not only for the money, not only for the position and not only for the power. Its must be answered in front of God. The experiences, the lessons, the affection, the goodness and the faith will not be able to be paid by them. Life as the God commands is one of our investment afterlife as a gift of God to us. So just to get small piece of land and for eternal life after death, we forced ourselves to get some things that just a pleasure in this earth. And the other side, we should life with goodness and give benefit to ourselves, to other people and environment without badly, force, destroying and disrupting the lives of others.


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